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Wed Aug 26 04:26:55 PDT 1998 - Teaching is to encourage and stimulate the student to make connections, see patterns or search for them, within material already familiar; or to present new information relevant to a question of importance or interest to the student , helping him/her to begin formulating possible answers or solutions.

Fri Aug 21 09:45:29 PDT 1998 - Teaching is the communication of knowledge in a relevant and effective manner. The fundamental goal of teaching is to have students learn through a variety of methods--lectures, researching, writing, video, discussion, and technology. An effective method of teaching is to present the information in a variety of formats and to engage the students in a variety of ways, and consequently to give them the opportunity to interact with the material, internalize it, see it as relevant, and remember and understand it.

Fri Aug 21 09:44:46 PDT 1998 - My philosophy of teaching to provide as many interactive opportunities as possible. I don't like just to repeat the content of the textbook. I prefer to base class activites on the presumption that everyone is familiar with the material, and spend time either showing examples that reinforce the material, or better yet, have in-class activities that reinforce the material. I try to relate the class content to things to which the students can relate. I try to keep things as casual as possible to encourage discussion, and I solicit feedback as much as possible.

Fri Aug 21 09:43:56 PDT 1998 - I believe it is crucial for teachers to pace the student's learning. Dumping information is not teaching. Simply hearing information is not learning. Application is learning. Application provides the integration of knowledge and physicality. As a student, it is critical to challenge one's self to be open to new ideas and experiences. It is also critical to learn your personal learning strategies and style and shape your learning experiences to best fit that style, for maximum retainment.

Fri Aug 21 09:01:47 PDT 1998 - As part of my research in web-based learning environments I feel that the web is a palce of collaboration which allows a problem solving approach to Conatructivism.

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