This is the home page for Jane Meyerding <M. Jane Meyerding,Thomson 411,685-2707>.

I work at the Jackson School of International Studies as a Program Coordinator
for the International Studies Program.

Here is the tentative course schedule (always subject to change) for the International Studies Program:
2004-2005 academic year
2005-2006 academic year
2006-2007 academic year

For descriptions of the Winter Quarter 2007 Task Forces (SIS 495), click here.

For more complete and up-to-date information on each quarter, start here:
UW Time Schedule

and for information on the International Studies degree programs, click on one of these links:
Undergraduate Program
Gradaute Program

The Student Services Newsletter contains news about the various programs in the Jackson School.

You are welcome to visit my personal web page, where you can read some of my writing (much of it about autism) and meet some of the bears I have made.