BUS 480
Global Environment of Business

Business Administration Program
University of Washington, Bothell

Autumn 2004
MW 11:00-1:05 UW1-050

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Updated 30 November 2004

(readings are on Blackboard unless noted)

Requirements: web page | Word document
(initial guidelines posted Oct 18 link here)

• MODULE 1 - Trade theory and policy

Syllabus and assignments for module 1
.doc | .pdf

For Monday, October 4:
Porter, "The competitive advantage of nations"

For Wednesday October 6:
Tutorial on Ricardo and comparative advantage link here

Other sources for Ricardo and comparative advantage link here

For Monday, October 11:
Group assignment #1
Due Monday October 11

For Wednesday, October 13:
Discussion questions link here

• MODULE 2 - Global leaders

For Monday, October 18:
Bartlett and Ghoshal, "What is a global manager?"
QUIZ on this reading

For Wednesday, October 20:
"In search of global leaders"

For Monday, October 25:
"The logic of global business: An interview with ABB's Percy Barnevik"
Individual assignment #1
Due Monday October 25

• MODULE 3 - Culture

For Wednesday, October 27:
Readings on cultural dimensions link here

For Monday, November 1:
Guest presenter: Michael A. Porter

For Wednesday, November 3:
Tayeb, "Conducting research across cultures" (on Blackboard)

For Monday, November 8:
Proposal due for group project
In class exercise -- Brazil AIDS Drug & US Cipro
(on Blackboard under "documents/class notes")

For Wednesday, November 10:
Steidlmeier, "The moral legitimacy of intellectual property claims: American business and developing country perspectives" (on Blackboard)
Discussion questions link here

• MODULE 4 - Entering international markets

For Monday, November 15:
Worm & Frankenstein, "The dilemma of managerial cooperation in Sino-Western business operations" (on Blackboard)

For Wednesday, November 17:
Bartlett and Ghoshal, "Going global: Lessons from late movers" (on Blackboard)

• MODULE 5 - International institutions

For Monday, November 22 and Wednesday, November 24
Documents and links on Blackboard
Discussion questions link here


UWB inclement weather policy. Class will be held unless UWB suspends operations.

There is a recommended (not required) text for this course; it will be available at the University of Washington, Bothell bookstore.

• Plagiarism readings
(required reading for students in 480)

1. Seattle Times business writer forced to resign over plagiarism
download here

2. Links to material on plagiarism
(required reading for students in 480):

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