I created the Z lectures web pages from these LaTeX source files with the Z2HTML translator. (I also tweaked the generated HTML a bit to improve the cosmetics).

Years ago I created slides from these sources using SliTeX, LaTeX version 2.09, and Mike Spivey's fuzz.sty style file. I no longer have the slides (the .dvi or .pdf files) and have not attempted to recreate them. I have included the SliTeX root files here for anyone who wants to try.

Jon Jacky

Source files for lectures based on chapters in The Way of Z:

  1. Introduction, also root
  2. Elements, also root
  3. Structure, also root
  4. Logic, also root
  5. Synthesis, also root
  6. State, also root
  7. Schemas and Schema Calculus, also root
  8. Schema Types and Bindings, also root
  9. Formal Reasoning, also root
  10. Modeling Large Systems, also root

Latex sources for more Z examples.

The names of these files end in .txt not .tex so the browser will display them.

Copyright notice

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