Programming in Python: Requirements and Evaluation

Jonathan Jacky

From the course.

Autumn Term, 2010
(10 Sessions) Tuesdays 6 - 9 pm, October 12 through December 14

Evaluation. Requirements.


The course is graded Pass/Fail, based on satisfactory completion of the requirements.

In addition to reporting Pass/Fail to the University, I will send you a narrative evaluation: not a grade but a brief summary of my evaluation of your work. It will be similar to what I would write in a recommendation, if you requested one. My evaluation will be based on your self-evaluation.


Attendance: Attendance is required. More than two unexcused absences will result in a Fail.

Weekly reports: It is up to you to choose what work to do for the course (besides attending classes). Each week at the beginning of class you are required to turn in one sentence summarizing what you did in the preceding week. You are also encouraged to turn in one question or request for an explanation of some topic. (These weekly reports are also used as attendance records.)

Quizzes: A quiz will be given in class most weeks.

Presentation: At some time during the term, you will give one ten-minute presentation on a subject of your choosing to the class. (Presentation schedule to be arranged.)

Portfolio: You will create a portfolio, a collection of work of your own choosing. You will add to the portfolio through the term. Examples of what you might put in your portfolio include:

You may express your portfolio in any format you wish, as long as it can be shown to the instructor for evaluation. Your portfolio might be a (physical) folder of printed pages, a web site, or pages on a hosting site such as GitHub or Google Code.

Your portfolio may contain work you do as part of your job, as long as you have permission to show this work to the instructor and other students. You may work together on projects, but each student must submit their own reports (which will explain the division of labor).

Progress Reports: Progress reports describing work on your portfolio are due at the the end of class in week 3 (Oct 26), week 6 (Nov 16), and week 10 (Dec 14).

Midcourse evaluation: Your evaluation of the course up to that time, possibly including requests regarding the remainder of the course (for example, requests for topics to be covered) is required at the end of class in week 3 (Oct 26), along with the first progress report.

Self-evaluation: Your evaluation of your own work in the course is required at the end of class in week 10 (Dec. 14), along with the last progress report. I will use your self-evaluation as the basis for my evaluation of you.