Python Examples and Resources

Jonathan Jacky

From the course. More resources here.

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Other courses

MIT courses (uses Downey's Think Like a Computer Scientist text) (CS intro with Python, 24 videos)

Google Code University (and others, keep scrolling)

Boston Python Workshop, two-day introduction for women (content interesting for anyone)

Noisebridge, free class at hacker space (San Francisco)

Other textbooks

Dive Into Python

Learn Python the Hard Way

Other links

Good to Great Python reads

Python references, tutorials, books, courses, pitfalls, assessment, announcements


Expressions, statements, control structure, functions

Strings, files, URLS (web pages), system commands, data: ceru_human.sp

Lists, dictionaries


Protein sequence
Code:, data: ceru_human.sp


Spelling corrector
Code:, data: big.txt


In addition to the textbook, there are some pointful examples in this code:

Scientific and technical computing

SciPy/NumPy, numerical and scientific programming libraries

SciPy, well-organized links to many many scientific packages and other resources

NumPy introduction

Computational Methods for Nonlinear Systems (course with SciPy/NumPy)

matplotlib and Chaco, 2D plotting libraries

Mayavi + mlab, 3D plotting libraries

BioPython, molecular biology, start at DIST/docs/tutorial/Tutorial.html

Python course in Bioinformatics (but some examples no longer work with current BioPython)

SymPy, symbolic mathematics

Sage, integrated collection of mathematics programs

NetworkX and igraph, graph theory algorithms and displays

NLTK, natural language processing and text analytics

OpenCV and PIL, image processing

MMTK, molecular modeling toolkit

GIS-Python Lab, geographic information systems

GNU Radio, signal processing

etc. ...

Web and Internet applications

Django, web application framework

Google App Engine, web applications on Google's infrastructure

Zope/Plone, content management, with ZODB object database,, also Documentation/Articles/ZODB1

ScaPy, network packet manipulation program

Seattle testbed, open source cloud computing

etc. ...

Software tools

Mercurial, distributed version control with a Python API, wiki/MercurialApi

Sphinx documentation generator

Testing tools

PyModel, model-based testing

etc. ...