NModel updates

The book Model-based Software Testing and Analysis with C# uses the NModel framework.

This page briefly describes updates to NModel that were made after the book was published, that provide opportunities to simplify or improve the examples in the book. These updates are included in recent releases of NModel and are thoroughly described in the online documentation (also here and here) and in the Reference Manual.

Here are the errors we have found in the book.

Factory methods are optional

Releases 1.0.20312.00 and later.

Section 6.2.1, pages 99 - 100, explains that a model program must provide a factory method, which must be named when a tool is invoked, as in the example command on p. 100:

mpv /r:NewsReaderUI.dll NewsReader.Factory.Create

Factory methods are no longer required for model programs. If the factory method is omitted, invoke the command using the new /mp: (model program) option instead:

mpv /r:NewsReaderUI.dll /mp:NewsReader

Jonathan Jacky, University of Washington.   Revised 14 May 2008