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Main publications

Mayorga, E. 2008. Carbon cycle – Harvest of the century. Nature 451: 405-406 [pdf] [journal abstract]

Aufdenkampe, A.K., E. Mayorga, J.I. Hedges, C.A. Llerena, P.D. Quay, J. Gudeman, A.V. Krusche and J.E. Richey. 2007. Organic matter in the Peruvian headwaters of the Amazon: Compositional evolution from the Andes to the lowland Amazon mainstem. Organic Geochemistry 38: 337-364 [pdf] [journal abstract]

Mayorga, E., A.K. Aufdenkampe, C.A. Masiello, A.V. Krusche, J.I. Hedges, P.D. Quay, J.E. Richey and T.A. Brown. 2005. Young organic matter as a source of carbon dioxide outgassing from Amazonian rivers. Nature 436: 538-541 [pdf] [journal abstract]

Mayorga, E., M.G. Logsdon, M.V.R. Ballester and J.E. Richey. 2005. Extracting cell-to-cell land surface drainage paths from digital channel networks, with an application to the Amazon basin. Journal of Hydrology 315: 167-182 [pdf] [journal abstract]

Mayorga, E. and A.K. Aufdenkampe. 2002. Processing of bioactive elements in the Amazon River system, p. 1-24. In: McClain, M. E. (ed.), The Ecohydrology of South American Rivers and Wetlands. IAHS Spec. Pub. no. 6, IAHS Press. Wallingford, UK [pdf] [Table of Contents for this issue]

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Finally, there's my 2004 Ph.D. thesis:
Isotopic constraints on sources and cycling of riverine dissolved inorganic carbon in the Amazon basin. School of Oceanography, University of Washington. Seattle, Washington. 241 pp. [pdf (3.1MB)]
I still have some material from here that I need to publish, specially that focusing specifically on DIC.


In various stages of preparation or publication

Aufdenkampe, A.K., E. Mayorga, C.A. Masiello, P.D. Quay, J.E. Richey, A.V. Krusche and T.A. Brown. In preparation. A reevaluation of organic matter sources and turnover within the floodplain-dominated Amazon River system: Three decades of elemental and isotopic data.

Harrison, J., R. Maranger, R. Alexander, A. Giblin, P.A. Jacinthe, E. Mayorga, S. Seitzinger, D. Sobota and W. Wollheim. In review. The regional and global significance of nitrogen removal in lakes and reservoirs. Biogeochemistry.

Liu, K.-K., S. Seitzinger, E. Mayorga, J. Harrison and V. Ittekkot. In press. Fluxes of nutrients and selected organic pollutants carried by rivers. In P. Rizzoli, B. Sundby, J. Melillo and E. Urban (eds.), Dynamics of semi-enclosed marine systems: the integrated effects of changes in sediment and nutrient input from land. IUGG-SCOPE-SCOR Rapid Assessment Process Project.

Glibert, P.M., E. Mayorga and S. Seitzinger. In press. Prorocentrum minimum tracks anthropogenic nitrogen and phosphorus inputs on a global basis: application of spatially explicit nutrient export models.


Richey, J.E., R.L. Victoria, E. Mayorga, L.A. Martinelli and R.H. Meade. 2004. Integrated analysis of a humid tropical region – The Amazon basin, p. 415-428. In: Kabat, P., M. Claussen, P.A. Dirmeyer, J.H.C. Gash, L. Bravo de Guenni, M. Meybeck, R.A. Pielke Sr., C.J. Vörösmarty, R.W.A. Hutjes & S. Lütkemeier (ed.), Vegetation, water, humans and the climate: A new perspective on an interactive system. Springer. Berlin.

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