Central American Activities

I am originally from Nicaragua. I am very interested in the development of environmental and Earth sciences in Nicaragua, Central America, and developing countries in general.

From 1998 through Oct. 2007, I led a small online collaboration among environmental and ecological scientists with an interest in Central America, "Central American Ecology and Environment" (CAEE). Formerly at the URL garrobo.org, we restructured it and are starting from scratch more modestly at www.pizote.org. Among our main products, we had an open-source online map server presenting data on Central America, including some real-time data. We may bring this tool ("Mapache") back online on a more limited basis.

To see what the site looked like, go here for the main page, and here for the main page for geospatial projects. Please note that many links will be broken, and some will lead to the web site of the domain squatters who snatched our garrobo.org domain name before we could renew it.