About Poshen

Scientist, Artist, and Designer


Borned in Taiwan. I love painting and thought I would become an architect. I like travel and interact with people from different cultures. I like photography and reading. Favorite books are about history and detective fiction. I play tennis and basketball, piano and bass. I cook, and enjoy wine while cooking. Love Cabernet Sauvignon in general but Bourgonge Pinot the most.

Eventually I chose Physics as the major in college to understand the foundamental of the universe. Dived into Optics and received a master specialized in semiconductor optics, silicon photonics and lens design. After graduate school, I joined Centera Photonics Inc as a technical cofounder, commercializing our silicon and optical system design technology we developed in the lab. In 2011, I went to University of Washington to pursue my Ph.D. As a member of DataLab in i-School, my research interest includes data science, computer vision, and human computer interaction. My future goal is to facilitate information transparency in Taiwan. Recall the best of the Formosa island via technologies.

Research Interests

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Analytics
  • User Interface
  • Computer Vision


  • Computer Science: Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Computer Vision
  • Hardware Design: Lens Design, Light Engine Design
  • Art and Design: 3D modeling, 3D rendering, Graphic Design, Interior Design