I'm a NSF Graduate Research Fellow studying astronomy and data science at the University of Washington.

I work with Julianne Dalcanton and Jessica Werk on galaxy formation and evolution using galaxy survey datasets.

My graduate work has spanned a range of topics: probing galaxy evolution using metals as tracers of gas flows, modeling the spectra of galaxies to derive their star formation histories, and applying machine learning techniques to identify similar galaxy spectra. I completed a NSF Big Data IGERT Fellowship, during which I worked closely with colleagues in computer science, statistics, and the eScience Institute. Check out my Research page for details!

I did my undergrad at the University of Pittsburgh, where I studied bioengineering and physics and astronomy. I worked on star formation histories of galaxies in the DEEP2 survey, dynamics of the solar photosphere, and developing learner-adaptive, simulation-based training systems for medical professionals.