Carl Rovainen

Carl Marx Rovainen

born Virginia, Minnesota March 13, 1939

died of extremely agressive and virulent October 2012 onset cancer, Brookings, Oregon March 1, 2013

California Institue of Technology B.S. 1962

Harvard University Ph.D. in Physiology 1967

Professor Emeritus of Cell Biology and Physiology, Washington University in Saint Louis School of Medicine

married Leslie Pearson 1966, a quiltmaker

sons: Toivo, Kyudo exponent/game designer; Ahti, kindly catch-and-release fisher in the Ozarks; and Torsti, Nepal soujourner simple/renewable living counselor

of late resided, loved stones, observed sunsets and tidepools, and played his banjo and mandolin in Brookings, Oregon, which takes its name from Robert Brookings, as does his Institute, founder of the Washingon University in Saint Louis School of Medicine

Carl Rovainen performing at Wild Rivers Coast Art first Art Walk of 2012

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