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Arhoolie Records

the Armonica - the Glass Harmonica - Benjamin Franklin's wonderful instrument - and the lovely Cecilia Gniewek Brauer

Baritone Sax

Benslow Music Trust

Benten Online - Sister Records + Benten Label

Chuck Berry

Bolling Air Force Base Band

Bongo Joe - George Coleman

British Grenadiers

British Grenadiers - another site

British Grenadiers - one more site

British National Anthems - sung

Dave Brubeck

Jimmy Buffett

Canada - Military Bands and Military Music Worldwide

Canadian Infantry Association marches

Chabot Panhandlers Steel Drum

Paul Chihara

Church of the Ascension, Chicago

Ryland Peter Cooder - The Master and his Music Neil MacKinnon's comprehensive site

Deems Music

Paul Desmond (b. San Francisco November 25, 1924 - d. New York City, May 30, 1977)

Dixie - Present at the Creation - NPR

dj Luying

Django Soundfiles

Django's Used (and New) Music and Movies

Downtown Boogie Band

Bob Dylan / poetics/ minstrelsy

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Kimio Eto

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Gilbert and Sullivan Archive

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Golden Earring Official Website

Golden Earring "Radar Love"

Dexter Gordon

The Hard Bop Homepage


"Hawaiian Music Rides a Wave" article in the Seattle P-I July 30, 2004

Heritage of Military Bands

Magdalen Hsu-Li

William Hung "She Bangs"

Husky Marching Band

IRH - Internet Radio Hawai'i

Milt Jackson

Janis Joplin

Tom Kaasa

Gene Krupa (January 15, 1909 - August 18, 1973)

Jason Webley balladeer/minstrel/poet/bard/brilliant musical genius

Jazz Alley

John Philip Sousa

Keith Highlanders Pipe Band



Lili Marleen

Lili Marleen official site

Lale Andersen official site

Lale Andersen Deutsche Welle tv programme

Lale Andersen film

Thelonious Sphere Monk

Links to the World of Pan Steel Drum Band Links Page

Marching Bands


Miho Takekawa consumate artist of mariba and vibes/lovely dancer

Miho Takekawa and Christian Krehbiel cmmusic Website

Minstrel Show Music and Lyrics

Miss Lana's Texicana Music Central

Mudcat Cafe

La musica sonaba asi... La seleccion de Exordio 1939-1945

Musica Viva - Free sheet music and more

Dave Nevins philosopher / musician / life affirmer

the great Gary P. Nunn

Navy "Song of the Seabees" March

Old Time Victrola Music

Patriotic Songs

Harry Partch

Patriotic Songs

Paul Pena

Pink Lady

-- Pink Lady at JapanZone

Puffy AmiYumi

Django Reinhardt

Zoe Rogers

Rolling Stone Lyrics Page

Rolling Thunder Taiko Resource

Rounder Records

Royal Hawai'ian Band

Royal Marines Band music clips

Royal Marines Band Service

Rule Britannia - sung

Rule Britannia baroque - sung in costume, with original score

Rule Britannia - baroque - sung by a lady

Rule Britannia - baroque - sung

Rule Britannia - organ - sung by a lady

Sadistic Mika Band

-- Sadistic Mika Band member and band profile

-- Sadistic Mika Band Sleeves

-- Sadistic Mika Band unofficial home page

Ryuichi Sakamoto


Seattle Kokon Taiko

Amanda Shaw

Shena Ringo Official Website

Shena Ringo Official Website - English version

Sherbrooke Hussars

Shy EgomaniaX

Chiyoko Szlavnics

Chiyoko Szlavnics bio

Chiyoko Szlavnics video clip

Bill Smith



John Philip Sousa

The Stars and Stripes Forever

Station House Blues Band

Stevo's Hawaiian music page

the great Al Stewart



t.A.T.u. - another site

Vashon Island Music

Vienna Quan-Yin Teng

Vienna Teng at Asian Reporter

Antonio Vivaldi

Wesley Wehr

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Danny Yung

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