Robert Kirshner

Robert Paul Kirshner

born August 15, 1949 Long Branch, NJ

married Lucy Herman 1970

daughter Rebecca

son Matthew

Harvard College B.A. 1970

-- Bowdoin Prize 1970

California Institute of Technology Ph.D. in Astronomy 1975

postdoctoral fellow at Kitt Peak National Observatory 1976

professor, University of Michigan 1977-1985

-- Russel Award 1980

returned to Harvard in 1985

University of Arizona Aaronson Lecture 1989

Harvard University, Clowes Professor of Science, and master of Quincy House

Caltech Distinguished Alumnus

author of more than 200 research papers dealing with supernovae, the large-scale distributions of galaxies, and the size and shape of the universe

The Extravagant Universe: Exploding Stars, Dark Energy, and the Accelerating Cosmos Princeton University Press 2002

in 1998 Science Magazine called his work on the acceleration of the universe the "Science Breakthrough of the Year."

member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

National Academy of Sciences 1998

President of the American Astronomical Society 2003.

"As an undergraduate I concentrated in astronomy and lived in Quincy House. Now I am an astronomy professor and I'm living in Quincy House again! I have a better room, I'm allowed to have a pet, and I give the exams instead of taking them."

Robert Kirshner

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slideshow "An Accelerating Universe?"

slideshow "Measuring Omega with Type Ia Supernovae"

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