Z2HTML Platform and Browser Dependencies

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Z2HTML is designed to minimize platform and browser dependencies.

The translated HTML only contains tags that are likely to display properly in all browsers. It does not use the symbol font. All the img tags contain alt attributes so the pages are legible in text-only browsers such as Lynx.

I have confirmed that the translated HTML displays properly in these browser/platform combinations:

Getting the printed output (Print on the File menu) to look right was more difficult:

Browser/platform combinations marked (1) above print Z boxes as they appear on the screen.

Browser/platform combinations marked (2) above do not print the vertical line at the left edge of the Z boxes. They also do not print the complete horizontal line between the declaration and predicate parts, instead they print two separate horizontal lines with a gap in the middle. (There are no plans to fix this).

Browser/platform combinations marked (?) above have not been tested for printing.

Some browsers do not apply the stylesheet rules to the printed output.

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