As of October, 2008, I no longer work for UW Technology. This page probably won't be updated for a good long while, but I'm leaving it here in case there's anything on it that people need.

If you're looking for Autoclave, software for securely erasing a hard drive, please look here.

MacOS X Stuff

lpshim (Updated: January 12, 2004)
OS X's Terminal application prior to Panther doesn't support ANSI printer control sequences, which means that people who have upgraded from OS 9 to OS X but not all the way to Panther who may have been used to printing from Pine on Homer/Dante to their desktop printer can no longer do so. lpshim is a printer shim which runs in the terminal and intercepts ANSI printer control sequences. Available as a very small disk image file.

MacPine (Updated: November 1, 2007)
This isn't an official distribution of Pine. It's unofficial, unless I hear otherwise from the Pine team. It works for me on 10.3.9; it may work on other versions. I don't know. These binaries include support for SSL, LDAP and (optionally) Kerberos. Comes in two flavor: UW and non-UW. The UW package is suitable for UW deskmail account holders. Download and get more information here.

OpenSSL certificates (Updated: August 23, 2007)
For some reason, the OpenSSL that ships with OS X doesn't include certificates. You might want these if you're using an ssl-aware Pine (see above) and it keeps complaining about being unable to verify the validity of a server's certificate. Download: ssl-certs-070823.dmg

Other Stuff is a utility I wrote to help me verify pgp key fingerprints over the phone. It can be a pain to read something like "3A 35 0F AE ED 6F DC D6 50 C3 13 CD CE 2E 1C E9" over the phone. It's easier to read something like "xevif-hifip-vurik-zilat-kugis-figos-tofad-valux" or even:
cleanup        conformist     artist         performance    
tunnel         hemisphere     sweatband      speculate      
drumbeat       replica        Aztec          sandalwood     
spyglass       coherence      befriend       ultimate       
Both of which are representations of the same fingerprint. requires Digest::MD5, Digest::SHA1 and Getopt::Mixed, all of which can be obtained from CPAN.