MEBI 591: BHI Research Colloquium "Advanced Lisp Programming"

Instructor: Ira J. Kalet, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Radiation Oncology
Professor Emeritus, Medical Education and Biomedical Informatics


Course description

MEBI 591 is a one hour per week research seminar, with each section devoted to a different topic of interest to Biomedical and Health Informatics and other students. This section, 591A, Autumn 2011, will focus on advanced programming concepts and their applications in biomedical computing. The topics will be largely dependent on the interests of the participants, but likely will include some in depth discussion of functional programming, object-oriented programming, metaprogramming, the use of macros to create higher level language constructs, and how these might be used in solving biomedical computing problems.

Grading and other policies: this is a CR/NOCR course. Participation is the key to getting credit. Regular attendance and active participation will be sufficient to obtain credit. Participation includes working on a modest programming project and presenting it to the group for discussion.


The course assumes previous programming experience at the level of UW CSE 142 Computer Programming I, and some familiarity with Lisp. Ability to learn quickly is more important than extensive background.

Practice exercises

Web resources on Lisp

Some links for more information on Common Lisp and related topics are on the Common Lisp information page

Web resources on biomedical informatics projects

Other Web resources

These are some relatively old project links, which are still interesting as examples of significant applications of Lisp, mostly focused on knowledge modeling (logic).