MEBI 550: Winter 2009 course information

Check here for homework assignments, course notes, and other hopefully useful stuff.

Tentative lecture topic schedule

The topics we will cover are tentatively scheduled, though we may slip or add or substitute other topics. The schedule is available as a PDF.

Course texts

Computing resources

The Informatics computing lab (I-Lab) of the Biomedical and Health Informatics Graduate Program, located in T-277, Health Sciences Building, provides a Linux server and desktop systems with a Common Lisp programming environment. To obtain an account and learn about access, after registering for the course, contact Gary Csorgo (, the Informatics Lab Manager.

Lecture slides and notes

This list will be expanded as the course progresses.

Reading assignments

Reading assignments are on the course schedule (see above), at the end of the topic list for each date. They are specified by chapter and section, so for example, PBI 1.2 means Chapter 1, Section 2, in "Principles of Biomedical Informatics". Reading assignments should be completed by the indicated class date, in order to be prepared for class. Some of the readings are available through the UW Electronic Course Reserves (Eres) system, at the MEBI 550 page.


Homework assignments are listed here. Unless otherwise noted, homework is due by the beginning of class on the due date.

Solutions to Homework

Solutions will be emailed

Final Project

This year, instead of a final exam, students will be expected to do projects, and present them to the class. The time and location for this session has not been scheduled yet.

Here are titles for some projects of students in previous years:

Here are some ideas for projects that have not been done before: