Weighty Matters: The Best of the Net on Lifting Weights


Just starting out with a weight-lifting program? Here's some Advice for Beginners From a 50-Year Veteran by the name of John Higgins.

Here's advice for how to write up your own weightlifting routine.

An excellent program for beginners with advice on both aerobics and weight training is this series of posts from 1993 by Lyle McDonald, Lyle's Tips for Beginners, Including Sample Workout.

Assorted Workout Tips and Routines

For powerlifters, a collection of assorted powerlifting routines collected on misc.fitness and misc.fitness.weights.

The Basics of the Louis Simmons Workouts, a brief review of the system for powerlifters developed by Louie Simmons of the Westside Gym in Columbus, Ohio, and excerpted in Powerlifting USA, now updated with a debate on how well the system works if you don't have special equipment.

Garry Holmen's Mass Building Workout, "a periodized routine which takes advantage of the body's recuperation abilities and natural cycles."

Beginning Routines for Mass or for Power by Jason Keen, a trainer in Ames, Iowa, who knows what he's talking about.

Chuck Grissom's article on Why Periodization Works including graphs! This one really makes sense.

Hypertrophy and Strength, an analysis of how much mass will contribute to strength and why too much mass will inhibit progress, by Dr. Mel Siff.

Lyle McDonald on Periodization with a Sample Routine

Lyle McDonald's HIT vs Periodization as posted to misc.fitness.weights in 1995. Is the debate finally over?

Study Suggests More Sets for Higher Testosterone Levels, a summary by Tom McCullough of a recent experiment that may refute the claims of HIT advocates.

Ron Cecchini's Leg Workout as posted to the Weights Mail List the summer of 1995. His posts were hilarious and often right on the mark.

Why Knee Extensions Won't Help Your Squat, by Tom McCullough and Paul Chek.

Why Behind the Neck Pulldowns Are Bad For You, by Paul Chek with a rebuttal.

Matt Brzycki's HIT Workout Program as posted to misc.fitness in 1994. Brzycki is the strength coach at Princeton University and the author of several strength training articles and books.

Here are two files written by Scott Carrell, Secrets for Non-Steroid Muscle Growth, and Tips on Squats and Deadlifts.

Another Lyle McDonald post on When and Why to do Negatives

What Scientific Research Says about Muscle Growth by Walt Eddy, a no-nonsense guide to weightlifting for strength and growth.

The Knee and the Squat, another series of research citations about the effect of squatting deep on the knee.