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Powerlifting Competitions

My First Powerlifting Meet (LONG) a USPF meet held June 2001 in Seguin, Texas, 30 miles from San Antonio, as told by fitness and diet guru (and MFW personality) Lyle McDonald.

The USAPL Washington State 2000 Holiday Classic, including lifting legend John Binkowski.
Here is some video from the meet.

My Account of the USAPL Washington State 2000 Championships, held in April, where I totaled 930 pounds.

Photos from the USAPL 2000 Washington State Championships, featuring pictures of me and others at the meet.

Miscellaneous tips on How to Compete in Powerlifting Meets.

Rookie Mistakes in PL Competitions, by Doug Daniels.

How to Psyche Yourself Up for a Max Lift

How to Focus Prior to Lifting at a Meet, a debate among elite powerlifters.

Tips on How to Lose Just Enough to Make Your Weight Class

Advice on Powerlifting Equipment for Competitions, what to buy first, which brands are best.

Everything you wanted to know about Bench Shirts, including how to get the damn things on.

The Year 2000 Oregon USAPL Championships with

reports by lifters Jason Burnell, Dean Reese and others.

Jason Burnell's first person account of lifting in the 1999 USAPL Men's Nationals held in St. Louis, where he took third place in the 220 division.

Jeffery Deigan's account of competing "raw"--that is, without that strange bench shirt or squat suit that so many powerlifters wear-- in the 1999 AAU Raw Nationals.

Jason Burnell's first person account of lifting in the 1998 USAPL Men's Nationals.

Tom Anderson's account of the 1998 New Hampshire APF Push/Pull Contest, including a description of dieting to make weight, "it was the most painful thing i have done for a while."

In the Beginning: Griffin's First Powerlifting Meet, my take on my first meet, including pictures.

Caleb Bacon writes about Albany NY's Powerfest '98, where Sean Culnan tries to pull 835 pounds in the deadlift.

The 1997 IPF Junior World Powerlifting Competition, as reported by MD.

The 1997 Alberta Powerlifting Union Competition as reported by Darcy Semeniuk, who hit several personal bests.

Watch Those Squats: Keith Hobman's First Powerlifting Competition, a success that qualified him for the nationals in the master's class.

A Day in the Life of a PL Newbie by Jeff Minard, who did some crazy things yet succeeded in his first powerlifting meet.

The 1996 IPA Powerlifting Nationals: Judging that Reaches the "Absolutely Absurd", a report by powerlifter Phil Andrews with rebuttals

Olympic Weightlifting vs Powerlifting, the debate rages!

Here is my own report on 10 Lesson Learned While Watching My First Powerlifting Meet

Tom Goodwin's report on the 1997 ADFPA/USAPL Michigan Meet.

Powerlifting Spreadsheets

Powerlift Spreadsheet Downloads Here are nine spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel that offer different training cycles for bench press, squats and deadlifts. Be sure to get the README_POWERLIFTS file as well. If the downloads don't work, send me email and I will send you the files.

Powerlifting Routines and Philosophies

Here is a long debate between Mel Siff and Romanian strength coach Tudor Bompa on the correct way to train with weights for other sports.

For tips on how to do front squats, see this post by Dr. Mel Siff.

3X3 Training featuring Mitch Armentrout, Mike Clauss and Chris Zell, who went far beyond his goals when he tried this routine.

Should You Pull Your Abs In or Push them Out When Doing a Squat With a Belt? by Dr. Mel Siff.

The Science of the Bench Press: 20 Citations of Research on this Lift by Thomas Incledon.

For powerlifters, a collection of assorted powerlifting routines collected on misc.fitness and misc.fitness.weights.

The Basics of the Louis Simmons Workouts, a brief review of the system for powerlifters developed by Louie Simmons of the Westside Gym in Columbus, Ohio, and excerpted in Powerlifting USA, now updated with a debate on how well the system works if you don't have special equipment.

Can a Bodybuilder Convert to Powerlifting and Be Happy? The answer may surprise you.

The Debate Over Box Squats--And an Alternative, by Charles Staley and Dave Tate.

Tim C. Smith, a 15-year powerlifting veteran, and other lifters on Why I Like to Lift Raw.

HIT (High Intensity Training) is Toast, Powerlifters Leave No Question on Which Is Better, HIT or Periodization.

The Kinetic Chain and the Powerlifter, an article on what exercises sports athletes--particularly powerlifters--need to stick to.

Open and Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises, an article by Paul Chek on the difference between the two and which type is best for which sports and for bodybuilding.

Abdominal Muscles and the Squat Paul Chek's detailed article on which ab muscles are important in the squat and why a belt might be a mistake.

Advice on How to Get Your Squat to Go Deep by Paul Chek, Garry Holman, and other contributors.

Getting Your Back out of Your Squat by exercise guru Paul Chek. Includes specific tips to improve your technique.

Starting the Squat with Your Knees or Your Hips? by Paul Chek. What he advocates will surprise you.

Why Knee Extensions Won't Help Your Squat, by Tom McCullough and Paul Chek.

Dr. Fred Hatfield's famous Doctor Squat's Guide to the Squat and Its Many Variations.

The Best Stance for Deadlifts: Sumo or Conventional?, a review of some studies by Tom McCollough and with comments by other powerlifters.

Some Discussions Regarding Powerlifting and Training for American Football

The Big Three Lifts: An Archive of the Best of the Net





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