Weighty Matters: The Best of the Net on Lifting Weights


Are Weightlifters--and Particularly Powerlifters-- Overly Aggressive In and Out of the Gym? A variety of lifters debate the stereotypes.

How to Focus Prior to Lifting at a Meet, a debate among elite powerlifters.

How to Relax and Get Rid of Pre-Contest Jitters by Fred "Dr. Squat" Hatfield. There are several psychological techniques listed--one may work for you.

How to Win Mentally: Motivation Tips from Dr. Squat by Fred Hatfield, a LONG post with excellent ideas for bodybuilders and powerlifters.

Several Tips on How to Motivate Yourself to Lift More or Prepare for a Contest.

How to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Lifting by Dr. Mel Siff. You might be surprised at his advice.

How to Prepare Yourself Mentally to Lift after a Major Injury by Keith Hobman (who ought to know).

Benefits of Exercise for Those Suffering from Depression, a review by Dr. Mel Siff.

Are You Buff or Ripped? A Guide by Charles Staley that might make you smile.

Puffed Up Bodies, a commentary by Dr. Mel Siff on how sad it is to see "an attitude that one's bloated hypertrophy makes you better than the next person."

Body Image Problems for Some Lifters, called ""muscle dysmorphia," is described by U.S. psychologists who report that, "Some muscled people may be seriously distressed by a pathological worry that they look puny." Includes new information on drugs for those who suffer from muscle dysmorphia.

Inspirational Stories from Lifters, as a counter to the above post about "puny" obsessions, here are some posts from lifters whose lives really changed thanks to their time in the gym.

Rules of Gym Etiquette.