Weighty Matters: The Best of the Net on Lifting Weights


I saved Internet posts on weight training from 1990 to about 2002. At first, they were for my own personal archive. Back then, the misc.fitness and misc.fitness.weights newsgroups on USENET were the main discussion forums. Later came listserves and chat rooms and the Web. When the Web came along, I realized I could share this archive with the world. Since 1995, this site has been an experiment in archiving information found on the Internet and presenting it to a general audience in a usable format. Please send me your comments on how this information might be archived and presented in a better way. Please also report broken links, missing files or incorrect information. This site is still an archive, but is no longer being updated. Thank you.

Send your comments to griffinte@comcast.net but please remember I am not an exercise expert

Much thanks to Tony Cardella of goheavy.com for allowing me to borrow his web page template for the opening page of this site.