Unix System Security
December 14, 1994

Goal: To provide some information that will help you manage Unix system security in your department, and to hear about what what support you want from C&C.

  • INFORMATIONWEEK article - December 12, 1994
  • Methods of Attack
  • Security Tools
  • Incidents on Campus
  • Questions/Discussion

  • Related information

    The following were not discussed as part of the session on security, but are related to this topic.

  • "CRACKS IN THE NET," Time Magazine article
  • "KEVIN MITNICK'S DIGITAL OBSESSION," Time Magazine article
  • NCSA httpd Patch for Buffer Overflow (hole in WWW mentioned in "CRACKS IN THE NET" article above)
  • " The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier," Bruce Sterling, bruces@well.sf.ca.us
  • Information about SATAN

  • Dave Dittrich - dittrich@cac.washington.edu