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General Computer Security Awareness

News items of interest

Sharing threat information

Security Tools

Social Engineering

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security

Mobile/Smartphone Security

QR codes as attack vector

Interesting reading about hacker culture, sociology, attacks, etc.

iPhone security

International Standards

Security Vulnerabilities


Interesting security-related news articles

Inadequate/improper destruction of data

Interesting Security Research

Secure Hardware


TCP/IP vulnerabilities, exploits, coding, etc.

Linux Security

Governmental activity on cybercrime, Information Assurance, etc.

General Accounting Office reports

General Accounting Office (GAO) reports/testimony [Note: Printed reports can be ordered for FREE online.]

Department of Defense publications

NIST Computer Security Standards, Checklists, and Special Publications

Risk Management

Security Policy/Incident Response

Secure Email

Secure Programming

Miscellaneous Security related pages

Readings for Critical Infrastructure "Cyberterrorism" course

Password crackers and dictionaries

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