SATAN (Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks) is a hot topic on the Internet and in the popular media. This page is intended to help answer questions that you may have about this tool and help you learn what you need to do about it.

Articles about SATAN have published in the San Jose Mercury News (reprinted in the Seattle Times, Friday, March 17, page E1, "Soon-to-be-released Satan software may wreak havoc on networks") and the New York Times.

The rationale for a creating SATAN is found in a paper posted in 1993 by the authors.

The author's vacation message explains the release schedule and where the program will be found on the Internet.

Excerpts from the SATAN HTML documentation are included here to fill some of the details. (Note: some of the back-links do not work, since these HTML files were taken copied out of their normal context as part of SATAN. For full documentation, get/install your own copy of SATAN.)

  • SATAN Documentation
  • Frequently Asked Questions (SATAN FAQ)
  • Quotable quotes about SATAN

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