Scanning for the first time with SATAN

To "scan", in SATAN-ese, means to probe or test a remote host's security. SATAN has the ability to scan a great number of hosts on a network; fortunately or unfortunately, you may not have the authority or permission to scan all of the hosts. SATAN should never be used to scan hosts that you haven't gotten explicit permission from the owner of the host that it is permissible to scan it.

Remember - you should run SATAN as "root"!

Assuming that you have the authority to do so, it is very simple to start scanning:

  1. From the control panel in the HTML interface, select "Run SATAN". It will prompt you with "Primary target selection"; type in the host that you're running SATAN from if it already isn't in the prompt box.
  2. Select "Scan the target host only", or, if you would prefer and have the authorization and the time (it can take several minutes to scan a single host at the higher scan levels), select "Scan all hosts in the primary (i.e. the target's) subnet".
  3. Select a "Normal" scan to start out with. The more intensive the scan the more time it takes to complete.
  4. Select "Start the scan" to commence the scanning.

That's it! If you have any problems (remember, SATAN is currently only supported on SunOS 4.x and IRIX 5.x), you should read the full documentation on using SATAN for the first time.

You should now go to Analyzing the output