System Requirements

Unfortunately SATAN isn't as portable as we would like it to be. One of the main problems we had is that for it to do all of the tasks that we wanted and to actually be able to release it within any reasonable time frame, we had to both rely on many other publically available tools and forego much of our usual testing methodologies. Still under development, and most often used by us as a research and discovery tool, it will become more robust and portable as we get feedback and are able to test it on more platforms ourselves.

Currently SATAN is known to work on the following Operating Systems:

And on the following hardware platforms:

Disk space

Approximately 20 megabytes of total space is needed to install all of the supplementary packages and the SATAN program. The bulk of this is due to the other software packages, chiefly Mosaic or netscape (5.5 MB or 2.5 MB on a sun) and perl5 (10 MB); SATAN itself takes up about two megabytes of space, including the documentation. If the supplementary programs are already installed, it isn't necessary to reinstall them. If you use the binaries only, it can be as small as 5 MB for a full installation.


Memory is another issue - this is very dependent on how many hosts you're scanning in or are in your database, but rest assured, SATAN is a real pig when it comes to memory. From our experiences:

With approximately 1500 hosts scanned, with approximately 18000 facts in the facts file took about 14 megabytes of memory on a SPARC 4/75 running SunOS 4.1.3.

With approximately 4700 hosts scanned, with about 150000 facts, it took up almost 35 megabytes of memory on an Indigo 2.

Needless to say, swapping is very painful if you don't have enough memory.

Other software tools required and where you can get them

We realize that you may not have all of the additional software required to run SATAN already on your system. Although all of it is widely and freely available on the Internet, on a wide number of sites, for convenience we have put them in one large tar file (see in source code form. Binaries that are verified and signed by Bellcore's Trusted Software Integrity (Betsi) to ensure that the software has not been tampered with are available at Currently SPARC 4 and IRIX binaries are available.

If you're not on the Internet, we're sorry but we currently do not have the resources to help you get all of these programs. Perhaps at some point a tape or CD distribution could be made if the demand is high enough.

Individual source code pieces:

Binaries, statically linked

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