Getting started

What you need to do to run SATAN even if you don't want to read documentation

In a nutshell all you really have to do is type "make", edit the config file ( if desired, and then run SATAN; to use the HTML interface to run SATAN you may simply type "satan", then use "SATAN Target selection" to choose a target. To run SATAN from the command line you would type something like "satan".

Remember - you should run SATAN as "root"!

After the probe is done, you can then go into the HTML interface (again, just type "satan"), go to the "SATAN Reporting & Data Analysis" section. Look at the "Vulnerabilities" section first, then examine the other methods ("Information" and "Trust").

Getting and compiling all those programs if you don't have them already

You'll need perl5 and fping (see system requirements) as well as a C compiler to get SATAN running properly. To compile and prepare SATAN, look at the first section of the SATAN tutorial.

What are all the files for?

SATAN creates and uses quite a few files, but a user typically only has to really be concerned with one - the configuration file, ( Besides the program files that actually run SATAN, the following files are generated by SATAN:
  1. satan-data/all-hosts. This is a list of all the hosts that SATAN came into contact during the scan.
  2. satan-data/facts. This is a list of all the output records emitted by the *.satan scripts. These records are what gets processed by SATAN to generate the reports.
  3. satan-data/todo. This lists all the hosts and probes actually ran against the hosts. With this table, SATAN knows what probes it can skip when you scan the hosts again.
  4. html/*. All of these files are either html pages or perl programs to generate the pages for the user interface.
  5. rules.*. The rules that SATAN uses to assess the situation and infer facts from the existing information. Extremely flexible (simply perl code that is interpreted), this is one of the most powerful features of SATAN. See the rules section for more on this.

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