Last modified: Tue Aug 31 12:57:18 PDT 2004

Honeywall ISO customization tools

The Honeywall ISO supports two types of customization: "Template" customization, and "boot-time customization." You would typically use "template customization" to add new programs to the distributed ISO image. You would typically use "boot-time customization" to include system-specific public/private key pairs, unique passwords, new defaults for configuring the honeywall, etc. For more information, read the documentation listed here:


The customization environment requires a Linux system running a similar kernel and libraries to that used by the Honeywall ISO. Install the tools listed here to experiment with customization. [Note: You must use "make configure" after first unpacking the customization scripts.]


The following are pre-customized ISO images for various reasons. (They are for testing within the Research Alliance and are not for public consumption.)

Test images

Honeypot cloning

Dave Dittrich <dittrich @ u dot washington dot edu>