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Active Response Continuum Research Project

The funding period for this project has expired, but the page remains to consolidate project related history. We are currently seeking new funding sources to continue this research.

Project members and collaborators


Project related documents

Post-Agora AD Workshop, September 12, 2003


American Bar Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, 8/04
Panel: "Self Help on the Internet: The Law, Ethics and Tactics of Hacking Back Against Computer Attack"
John R. Christiansen, David Dittrich, Kenneth Einar Himma, Ivan Orton, and Jody Westby

IEEE Information Assurance Workshop, US Military Academy, West Point, 6/11/04
Panel: "Proactive Defense
Tom King, Bill Caeli, Bill McCarty, and David Dittrich

Continuing Legal Education Seminar, King County Bar Association, 11/14/03
Presentation on Computer Security
John Christiansen

CYBERCRIME III, King County Bar Association, 11/21/03
Panel: "Actively Defending Against Security Breaches: Is it Legal to 'Hack Back?' Is it Ethical? Is it Smart?"
David Dittrich, John Christiansen, Ken Himma

Society for the Policing of Cyberspace (POLCYB) International Conference, Richmond, BC, Canada, 11/01/03
Keynote Address: "Honeypots, Honeynets, Active Defence and Changes in Thinking about Cybercrime"
David Dittrich

SecureWorld Expo, 9/25/03
Panel: "Active Defense"
David Dittrich, John Christiansen

I4 meeting, 3/03
What if you hit back? Counter-intelligence and Counter-attack
David Dittrich (pre-dates this project)

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See also Dave Dittrich's general Active Defense and Cyberwarfare resources pages.


Research into the legal and ethical framework of active defense was supported by a grant from Cisco Systems' Critical Infrastructure Assurance Group (CIAG).
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