Catherine Carey



Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology

University of Washington, Seattle WA. Completed 2009
Coursework included neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, neuropathology, neuropharmacology, neural development, genetics, toxicology, physics, calculus, organic chemistry, molecular biology, microeconomics, atmospheric sciences,and 2 graduate courses in Bioinformatics. I also worked for 9 months as an undergraduate researcher in a Neurology research lab (dementia), for 12 months as an undergraduate bioinformatics researcher (brain tumors), and gave a presentation on additional research at the 2005 UW Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Master Of Science In Environmental Engineering

Washington University School of Engineering, St. Louis, MO
This degree program focussed on the engineering of technologies that have toxic effects, and of less toxic technologies that do the same job. My thesis research was part of an NIH-funded project researching problems with mammography technology. I focussed on the physics and physiology of cancer induction at diagnostic levels of gamma radiation.

Bachelor Of Arts In Premedicine And Philosophy

Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Coursework included calculus, physics, chemistry, anatomy and physiology.

Associate Of Arts And Sciences In Biomedical Engineering Technology,

Forest Park Community College, St. Louis, MO.
Coursework included Fortran computer programming, CPU (computer chip) design, boolean math, and a 3-month hospital internship for maintenance and repair of hospital electronic equipment.

Programming languages

C, C++, Fortran, Java, PHP, LISP, R, assembly language, machine language.

Other Skills

This blog on new research in the field of neuroscience and this relatively new blog on research in environmental issues.
Semi-fluency in speaking and reading Chinese, fluency in reading Spanish, and fluency in speaking and reading Esperanto.
Organic vegetable gardening, yoga, karate, legislative advocacy on climate change issues.

Volunteer/Community Work within the last 10 years:

Seattle Independent Media Center (computer programming and web mastering)
Seattle Community Network (a free internet service provider for low-income people and organizations
Web site creation and maintenance for Volunteer Signup database (currently offline) used by Indymedia Centers around the globe.


University of Washington Medical Center Accounting Dept, Seattle, WA

Database Programming: Programming new MySQL, Microsoft Access and SQL server database programs, while maintaining and expanding existing databases. Troubleshooting user's problems with remote mainframe-, Unix-, Windows NT-, and Novell- based databases. Creating accounts and configuring ODBC access to the Medical Center's patient-census database for users connecting from other areas of the Center. Also: performing all systems admin duties on a Windows SQL database server. 2002 - present

University of Washington Medical Center Accounting Dept, Seattle, WA

Computer systems administration: Configuring, troubleshooting, and repairing (including parts replacement of) Window NT file servers, Access, Microsoft SQL, and MySQL database servers, 25 Windows NT and Windows 95 workstations, 3 print servers, and various non-networked printers, all (machines) distributed over 2 Medical Center locations within the city. 1999 - 2002

Public Defender Association (a King County 140-lawyer law office), Seattle Wa.

Network engineering, database administration, and computer repair: Configuring, troubleshooting and repairing Netware and Linux servers; maintaining, troubleshooting and expanding a custom-written Paradox network database; designing, troubleshooting and expanding a web-based Access database; installing, configuring, and maintaining Windows 95, WinNT, and DOS network clients; installing plenum cabling for local area (LAN) and wide area (WAN) networking; installing and configuring print servers for WAN functions; installing and configuring most of the hardware and all of the software for converting from Token Ring to Ethernet an entire LAN network and all WAN connections; researching motherboards, software, and embedded systems for Y2K compliance; performing time dilation and y2k roll-over tests on IBM-clone computers of various brands and levels. 1997 - 1999.

Computer Solutions NW (self-owned), Seattle Wa.

Consultant: Web page design; Internet skills training; Chinese desktop publishing; software/hardware installation and configuration. 1993 -1997.

Microsoft Corporation, Redmond Wa

Technical support engineer for Microsoft customers, including network administrators, calling in with problems installing and configuring Windows 95 and Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, Word, Powerpoint). 1994 -1995.

Green Star Computer Company, Xian, China

Instructor in DOS and Wordstar, 1992-1993

Self-Employed, Seattle WA

Technical writer, editor, and desktop publisher, 1987-1992

National Engineering University, Managua, Nicaragua

Professor, Computer Science Dept., teaching (in Spanish) Fortran computer programming, DOS, Assembly language, and machine language. 1986

Everett Community College, Everett Wa

Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Sciences, teaching Fortran and DOS, 1985-1986.

Pima Community College, Tucson Az

Assistant Professor, Computer Science, and Electronics Engineering Technology Depts, teaching Fortran, circuit theory, and algebra and trigonometry for electronics. 1983-1984.

Mcdonald Douglas Corporation, St. Louis Mo

Assistant Engineer, writing repair manuals for the electronic instruments (including computerized instruments) in the cockpits of airplanes. 1979-1982



Taking walks, folk dancing, reading novels, turning the pages of books in art libraries.

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