Brian Arkills

Brian Arkills is a Microsoft Solutions Architect in the Identity and Access Management group at the University of Washington (UW). Prior to joining the UW in 2002, he worked as a Principal Systems Engineer in the Windows Systems group at Stanford University.


At both the UW and Stanford, he was instrumental in planning and implementing their Active Directory (AD) architecture, integrating each with pre-existing account provisioning systems, while taking an active part in encouraging campus adoption.


Arkills's technical strengths focus on the Microsoft platform and identity technologies. He has an exceptional proficiency with Active Directory, regularly develops code as an engineer, and helps others architect solutions. He enjoys sharing his technical knowledge and insight via the written medium, embracing transparency and shared understanding.


Arkills has played a key role in the formation and development of the Windows in Higher Education community, by moderating the mailing list, helping plan the annual conference co-sponsored by Microsoft, presenting annually at that conference, and being one of the most active participants on the community mailing list. He regularly collaborates with his peers, and often shares source code.


Among other things, Arkills has helped pioneer:

The most busy time of his life came the month when he bought his first house, was on-hand for the home birth of his first child, and published his first book, LDAP Directories Explained.


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