Bryan Allan Comstock




2009                    University of Washington, Seattle, WA

                           Summer Institute for Statistical Genetics Certificate

2001 – 2004         University of Washington, Seattle, WA

                           Master of Science in Biostatistics

1995 – 1999         Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

                           Bachelor of Science in Extended Mathematics - Statistics Emphasis

Employment History


2013 – Present      Center for Biomedical Statistics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Senior Biostatistician

o   Develop and support grant applications for extramural funding in the areas of health services research, radiology, neonatology, and nephrology

o   Primary biostatistician for 4 randomized clinical trials and a back pain registry

o   Develop and support electronic data capture systems for multi-site randomized studies


2008 – 2012         Center for Biomedical Statistics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Director of Operations, Biostatistician

o   Manage collaborative requests for local NIH CTSA and UW Department of Biostatistics

o   Develop and manage tools, processes, and triage methods of consultation requests

o   Advise on and review methods sections for NIH grant applications and manuscripts

o   Statistical reviewer of 15-20 pilot grant applications annually

o   Supervise collaborative activity of UW Biostatistics PhD graduate student research assistants

o   Primary biostatistician on two randomized clinical trials and two longitudinal cohort studies

o   Develop and support electronic data capture system for a multi-site registry and randomized trial


2004 – 2008         Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Center, University of Washington, Seattle, WA


o   Primary biostatistician on two randomized trials and two cohort studies studying treatments

o   Conducted ad hoc and formal data analyses and wrote methods / results sections of manuscripts

o   Generated biannual data and safety monitoring reports


2001 – 2004         Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA.

Statistical Research Associate

o   Bayesian analysis of longitudinal CA19-9 biomarker data in patients with pancreatic cancer

o   Data quality reviewer for two large multicenter randomized studies

Graduate Coursework     


Statistical inference and theory, generalized linear models, methods for longitudinal and clustered data, data mining, Bayesian decision theory, survival analysis, clinical trial design, methods of statistical learning, Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling, methods for multiple comparisons, multiple imputation. Completed all applied UW PhD courses in Biostatistics and all but two theory courses.

Statistical Software


Experienced with: R, Stata, SAS, LaTeX, Office on Macs and PCs. Familiar with: SPSS, JMP, and C.

Awards, Teaching, Services, Committees, Memberships 


2012-present         Statistical reviewer for the journal Radiology

2012                    Dept of Biostatistics Outstanding Staff Award

2011-present         Society of Clinical Trials Member

2011                    Dept of Biostatistics Faculty Staff Relations Committee

2009                    Dept of Biostatistics Outstanding Staff Award

2006                    Health Services lecture on diagnostic testing for UW Radiology residents

2005                    Inducted into NAU Cross Country Hall of Fame

2003 – 2004         Teaching aide for graduate-level UW Biostatistics service courses

2003                    Passed UW Biostatistics PhD Applied Examination

2003                    UW Biostatistics Admissions Committee

1999                    Standard Bearer of NAU Graduation Commencement



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