UW generously allows us to build our own website on its server. The instruction online is pretty straight forward. But here are hints may speed you up.

Before you start

  1. Setting up the server we usually need three parts:
    • MySQL
    • phpMyAdmin
    • WordPress
  2. Open myUW and choose “My Account” on the right up corner. Click Computing services. Subscribe:
    • WordPress network blog
    • Web publishing
    • Homer/Ovid Account

Install MySQL

  1. This process is described in detail here, here I briefly introduce some tips for MySQL.
  2. Please read the instruction carefully and step by step.
  3. Ovid2 and 3 accept MySQL installs. Here I choose Ovid2 that accept MySQL: ovid02.u.washington.edu. Connect to server with SSH. In terminal, type:
    – ssh @ovid2.u.washington.edu
  4. Remember the port you chose and use pwd to call your home directory.
  5. Set an easy password for you MySQL. You need this password to access to your MySQL database.
  6. Remember don’t just copy and paste from the tutorial. Sometimes you need to change “mypassword” with your password set earlier(the easy password I suggested at last step.)
  7. Create database for wordpress, with the instruction here

Install phpMyAdmin

The instruction here is pretty straigtforward.

Install WordPress

Follow the instruction and you are good to go.

The end

Well, I am more or less bullshiting here and this tutorial is not useful at all but who cares. I am just trying to see if Byword is as good as they claimed. It is Legen-wait-for-it-DARY! 1000% recommend.