Vikram Iyer

Ph.D. Student in Network and Mobile Systems Lab
185 Stevens Way, AE100R Campus Box 352500
Paul G. Allen Center, Department of Electrical Engineering
Seattle, WA 98195-2500

About Me

I am a PhD. student in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington where I work in the Wireless and Mobile Systems Laboratory advised by Prof. Shyamnath Gollakota. I recently completed my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley where I worked on a chip scale flow cytometer with Prof. Bernhard Boser.

My research interests involve low power communication and wireless sensing, particularly for mobile health applications.

Recent Publications

  • Inter-Technology Backscatter: Towards Internet Connectivity for Implanted Devices

    Vikram Iyer, Vamsi Talla, Bryce Kellogg, Josh Smith Shyam Gollakota
    SIGCOMM, 2016

  • FingerIO: Using Active Sonar for Fine-Grained Finger Tracking

    Rajalakshmi Nandakumar, Vikram Iyer, Desney Tan, Shyam Gollakota
    CHI, 2016

  • Encapsulation of integrated circuits in plastic microfluidic systems using hot embossing

    Vikram Iyer, Pramod Murali, Jacob Paredes, Dorian Liepmann, Bernhard Boser,
    Transducers, 2015