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Hello and welcome to PowerPoint and Friends, Accessible Slides on the Web.

2. Slide #1 (a numbered list)

A good slideshow does not, and arguably should not, serve as a presentation in and of itself.

3. Slide #2 (bulleted lists in columns)

Instead, a slideshow is typically used to supplement a presentation.

4. Slide #3 (an image)

So, slides delivered over the web can be most effective if they too are used a supplement to a presentation.

5. Slide #4 (a table)

One could therefore argue from a pedagogical standpoint that a narrated video is the best format for delivering a slideshow over the web.

6. Slide #5 (a chart)

In order to be accessible, the video must be captioned.

7. Slide #6 (an org chart)

And the lecturer must be sure to verbalize the content of each slide, just as they should in a live presentation.

8. Slide #7 (a cycle diagram)

I'm not doing so in this video because my slides contain, well, no useful content.

9. Slide #8 (list of links)

Except perhaps for this slide, which contains URLs for the DO-IT website and for the current presentation.