T  H  E       O  N  L  I  N  E     H  O  M  E     O  F    

D  A  N     H  A  L  L  I  G A  N  





I am the Circulation Supervisor at the Foster Business Library at the University of Washington in Seattle. I supervise 2 full-time techs and 8 students and am basically responsible for keeping our Circulation and Reserve running smoothly. My interests include libraries, punk rock, collecting full-sized pinball & arcade games, and self-publishing. It’s very fortunate that there are a number of punks and self-publishers within the library community. I publish my own music fanzine (which is cataloged and collected at the UW in our special collections) and help publish a bi-weekly alternative paper called Tablet . Tablet was recently awarded the Reader's Choice award for Best New Title in the 2001 Alternative Press Awards!

These links are all library related and highlight library resources and staff that definitely fall outside of library stereotypes, after all there are plenty more people that help break the mold like me!  



The Modified Librarian   Librarians and library staff with tattoos, piercings, cuts and burns. I’ve got bod mods and so do a number of the younger generation of library staff.


Librarypunx Yes, there are at least a few of us, and it’s all about networking baby!


Anarchist’s Librarian Web  Anarchist librarians, no way!?! Yes way, great lefty and free speech news sight about libraries.


The Progressive Librarian   Shouldn’t all librarians be progressive?


MSRRT Newsletter A great library guide to small/independent publications, my own has been reviewed twice. Chris works hard to publicize the small press in libraries through his newsletter, website, and articles in library journals.


The Ska Librarian A queer fan of ska and a librarian to boot!


The Spunk Library Online library of anarchist and lefty readings.


The Very Model of the Modified Librarian Flash enhanced guide to one librarians mods.


Diary of a Mad Cataloger Funny and insightful, especially Why You Need and MLS


Alternative Press Review Great lefty politics and invaluable reviews of alternative publications. I had a picture in the Spring 2000 issue from the WTO protests.


A Reader’s Guide to the Underground Press Today’s best guide to underground and alternative publications.