Analogies to Finder Databases

Does your web tool permit you to select or deselect pools of records?

If I use DialIndex I can choose among various pools of records (i.e., databases) as the resources to search. Does your search tool permit you to include/excluse various pools of records such as the Internet, UseNet, Chatgroups, etc.?

Does your web tool aid you in searching certain types of data?

Journal Name Finder or Product Name Finder are designed to aid my search for the name of a journal or the name of a product. Name Authority Files (Dialog doesn't have one of these) aid in the location of personal names. Does you web tool alert you that in searching personal names, there is a preferred format for entry?

Does your web tool permit you to select information sources based on their structure?

BlueSheets permits you to select databases based on the record structure. Does your web tool permit you to select web sources based on their structures? In what sense do web sources have structure?