Stories from the memories of Chicago immigrants about their early life in Mariampole.

Noteworthy Jewish Descendants of Mariampole

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Brief biographies of Mariampole and vicinity descendants, noting their contributions to society.

This chapter uses excerpts from the M.A.S. Bulletin to document the changing mission and activities of the Mariampoler Aid Society in response to World War II.

The photographs include pictures of people, the outside and interior of the synagogue, businesses, a fair, a circus, policemen, the river and bridge, horse and buggy, the park entrance, the sugar factory, schools and the town squares.

M.A.S. Members

Altschuler, Aronsteam, Bergman, Berkson, Dlott, Freedman, Goldman, Goldstein, Kurs, Lasser, Levin, Lewis, Lieberman, Linsky, Margowsky, Passman, Pimstein, Rosen, Stein, Smuklarsky, Peters, Steinbock, Tanefsky, Trivash, Yabokovsky, Wolf, Zeigel


M.A.S. Chicago

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