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Richard M. Strickland

UW Distinguished Achievement in Lifetime Learning Award, 2002

Current Activities

Lecturer, University of Washington School of Oceanography,1993-present.
Instruct Oceanography 101, Survey of Oceanography; Oceanography 102, Environmental Oceanography; Oceanography 442, Oceanography of Puget Sound; Oceanography 506, Teaching Oceanography
Instructor, University of Washington Extension Independent Study, 1993-present.
Teach Oceanography C101, Survey of Oceanography, by correspondence course.
UW Distinguished Achievement in Lifetime Learning Award, 2002.
Free-Lance Science Writer/Editor, technical and popular, 1977-present.
Recent clients: Northwest Fishery Science Center, Microsoft Corp., Alaska Fishery Science Center, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Washington Sea Grant, UW School of Marine Affairs, Puget Sound Water Quality Action Team, Washington State Department of Ecology.
Excellence Award for Technical Reports, Society for Technical Communication (Puget Sound Chapter), 1994


Staff Science Writer, University of Washington Sea Grant Program, 1987-1992.
Routinely responsible for public information, press contacts and press releases, biennial reports, program directories, and assistance to staff and researchers in publications and presentations. Also managed and was senior author of a synthesis of existing knowledge of natural and human resources of coastal Washington for state legislature, 1988-89.
Research Oceanographer, University of Washington School of Fisheries, 1983-87.
Co-wrote several technical reports on potential impacts of climate change on marine fisheries, focusing on Alaska pollock, for U.S. Department of Energy.
Television Science News: Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellowship, sponsored by American Association for the Advancement of Science, at WPLG-TV (Miami), 1985.


Ph.D. Candidate, Biological Oceanography, University of Washington, 1975-1982
M.S., Biological Oceanography, University of Washington, 1975
B.S., Oceanography, University of Michigan College of Engineering, 1972
Teaching Certificate, High School Science, University of Michigan, 1972

Scientific Advisory Roles

Bill Nye the Science Guy (several marine-related episodes), Public Television program, KCTS-TV, Seattle, WA
Destination Ocean, Educational software, Edmark Corp., Redmond, WA
Book reviewer, University of Washington Press, Seattle, WA
Book reviewer, Earth Science Encyclopedia, Brown Packaging Partworks, London, UK

Professional Memberships

American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Geophysical Union
National Association of Science Writers

Technical Publications

Strickland, R. (in press). "Oceans" and "Oceanography" articles, Microsoft Encarta, Educational Software.

Strickland, R. 2000. Book Review of The Eternal Darkness (Robert D. Ballard). American Scientist 88: 264-267.

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** Society for Technical Comunication (Puget Sound Chapter), Excellence Award for Technical Reports.

Ebbesmeyer, C.C., W.J. Ingraham, Jr., R. McKinnon, A. Okubo, R. Strickland, D.-P. Wang, P. Willing. 1993. Bottle appeal drifts across the Pacific. EOS, Trans. of the Am.Geophys. Union 74 (16): 193-194.

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Washington Sea Grant Program Documents

Washington Sea Grant Program Reports, 1985-87, 1988-89 (Writer)

Washington Sea Grant Program Directories, 1987-88, 1989-90, 1991-92 (Writer)

Marine Research News, monthly press release series, 1988-1992 (Writer)

Selected Popular Publications

"A New Oyster for All Seasons," (with L. Bevan), Oceans Magazine, October 1987

"Coastal Zone '87," Oceans Magazine, July 1987

"The Way of the Coast," Oceans Magazine, March 1987

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