Week 1
   Group Discussion:                                           Name:

A.Considering the development of Education in the US, can you make any connections to Veronica’s story?   Are there past attitudes towards education that are like Veronica’s? (p.30) Be ready to share highlights of your discussion here and below.

B.Considering each of your own family background, economic class and values, would any of you have or not have attended school during the 1900’s?  Why or why not? 


Week 2   Discussion Questions                         Name:

1.In what way does the Malcom X story challenge our assumptions about intelligence?

2.In consideration of the Multiple Worlds Theory, where do you think you fit in terms of types of students?  Did attitudes in your school (such as the teacher who discouraged Malcom X) affect your desire to excel at all or was it the other worlds?


Present In-Class Assignment
Group Discussion:                        Name: 

1.         You have 5 minutes to test the “be here now” process.  Quickly write down 4 things you just heard Tanice and Brenda talk about.  Elaborate.





2.       Think of a difficult task you have coming up (ex: a test, a conversation, a bill to pay) and list at least 3 benefits you will receive after you have accomplished the task.  (You can list more than one task and benefits if your group has a number of issues to work out.)