Quiz Yourself                           

Take the following quiz and test your knowledge on gender stereotypes. Each of the following questions are true or false. Read each of the following statements and decide for yourself whether the statement is true or false. Write your answers down and then check the correct answers to see how you made out.

_____1) Infant boys are typically more advanced than infant girls with respect to their motor development.

_____2) In general, girls are more likely than boys to prefer an occupation that is considered nontraditional for their gender.

_____3) Research conducted during the past 10 years shows that boys and girls are now almost equally represented in children's books, and children rarely act in gender-stereotyped ways in these books.

_____4) In a group of people with presumably similar abilities, men are more likely to emerge as leaders.

_____5) Women are consistently more responsive to infants than men are.

_____6) Although women earn less than men, the discrepancy can be explained by different occupations, different amounts of work experience, and different numbers of hours worked each week.

_____7) In the 1990's, between 15% and 20% of the upper-level managers of large companies are female.

_____8) Research on married couples in the U.S. and Canada shows that women perform about two-thirds of the household chores.

_____9) Children of employed women have normal intellectual development, but they have substantially more social and emotional problems, compared to children whose mothers do not.

_____10) Because of their heavy responsibilities, employed women are more likely than non-empolyed women to experience problems with their physical and psychological health.