Function of Emotions (Daniel Goleman , Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are actually where life began as far as the brain is concerned.  The brain evolved from the bottom up where it began with emotional centers like sensing danger or actually the sense of smell. Later the brain evolved upward into the more cognitive centers and reasoning centers.

EMOTION = E move away + Motere (latin to move) = Action implicit in every emotion


The Amygdala is the emergency hot spot of the brain.  Whenever there is fear or perceived danger, the Amygdala is indirectly notified, but sometimes it springs into action before the correct mode of response can be discerned.  Then, every part of the brain is alerted to full attention. 

In general, the following emotions trigger the following Physical reaction in our bodies:

Anger: Blood flows to hands to allow better grip for protection

Fear: Blood goes to large skeletal muscles for running

Happiness: Increased activity in brain, inhibits negative feelings, increase in energy, readiness and enthusiasm for goals

Love: Parasympathetic arousal, opposite of fight or flight, calm contentment, chemical high

Surprise: Flaring of nostrils in defensive posture, eyes widen allowing more light to strike retina to see

Disgust: Closes nostrils against poison, or to spit out poison

Sadness: Drop in energy, slows metabolism to allow for mourning, gathering of energy. 

 *Here are high Emotional Intelligence aspects:

Self Motivation in the face of adversity
Controls impulses and delays gratification
Regulation of moods and keep distress from swamping thinking

Ability to Empathize and to hope

Emotional Intelligence Test Sites  (*One we took in CLASS)