Table #1

Student Patterns by Belief about Conformity

Conformity   Belief  Level   



Variation Level


Variation Level


(went from high to low confidence)

(academic performance & skills are highly inconsistent)

B. Semi Non-Conformist



 Medium Low
(had smaller shift from high to low confidence)

 Mixed High to Low
(a mixed range of students with consistent and inconsistent academic performance and skills)

 C.Semi Conformist




Med. High &
Med. Low
(both students who went from either slightly high to low confidence or low to high

(Students whose academic performance and skills are fairly consistent)

D. Conformist



 Medium Low to High
(Students whose confidence stayed high or who went from high to low confidence)

(students whose performance and skills level are consistent and high)

Categories of Student Attitude and Conformity

 1.May or may not have the skills to master the academic system, but are those that don't think they should conform and when the pressure is too great, they rebel or quit.  The system is screwed up and I'm okay no matter what.  Enculturalists, the system has to meet me half-way, or else!  High and low self-esteem with grades up and down.

2.They feel they need to conform to the academic system in order to succeed, and are willing to give up themselves and work hard to do so and their skills match enough for them to do so.  The system is right no matter what.  Assimlators, strongly believe in the validity of the system, but for one reason or another, cannot get the support they need to succeed. Grades are average to low.

3.They also feel they need to conform to the system to succeed, but feel they are lacking the skills to do so, blame themselves when they fall behind and may or may not succeed.  The system is right and I'm screwed up because I can't succeed.   Assimlators, Internalize blame even if not their fault, but are fairly independent learners and do well.  Grades are average or high.

4.This group feels the system is only a tool to be used therefore, feels they must conform only in order to use it without giving up themselves.  The system is only a tool for my success because I'm okay no matter what.  Usually Bi-cultural.