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Developing a Course

Basic Assignment

Form teams. Using the following procedure, design a class on of the following topics:

  1. Write a brief class overview
  2. Write a brief statement of the role of the Web in the class
  3. Brainstorm ideas for content
  4. List learning objectives & performance tasks
  5. List course resources
  6. Design a course map
  7. Implement your design

Detailed Procedure

  1. Class Overview
    Write a One Minute Essay giving an overview of the course that includes:

  2. Role of the Web
    Write a One Minute Essay describing the ways you expect your web site to contribute to your class.

  3. Content Idea Storm

    [Idea Storm] Write down content ideas as fast as you can onto yellow sticky notes. Do not think about order or organization yet - just write ideas down as they come. Having the ideas on sticky notes will be handy later when you start trying to organize your ideas.

  4. Learning Objectives & Performance Tasks

    For each topic, list on pink sticky notes the major learning objectives and the tasks students must do to reach that objective.

  5. Course Resources

    On orange sticky notes, list all primary print and Internet resources for the course. Then place them, as appropriate, among the topic and tasks sticky notes.

  6. Links to Supporting Resources
  7. List supporting resources on green sticky notes. Place them spatially according to where they fit within the primary topics.

  8. Design a Course Map

    The arrangement of your sticky notes defines the basic map of your course. Often, the elements can be arranged in several different ways.

  9. Implementing Your Design

    What parts of your course map should be implemented in a Web site? The answer to that question will depend upon several factors:

    Work through each of the elements of your course map and brainstorm alternatives on how to present it as part of a well coordinated teaching and learning process. By the time you finish this exercise, you will have a clear picture of which parts of your course can be included in your Web site and which should not.

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