Dance 270, 271 Dance Production Activities
Performance, Choreography, Production Crew, Stage Management

Autumn, Winter, Spring Quarters

Instructor: Peter Bracilano

Office: 102 Meany Hall
Office Hours: Mondays 10am-Noon or by appointment while classes are in session
Telephone: 206-543-5910

1-3 credits / Credit/No Credit only / add code required



Catalog Description: Performance in a dance or work on a crew for a dance production, either a studio showing or public performance, conducted under faculty supervision.

Class Description: Laboratory course for students participating in Dance Program produced concerts under faculty supervision. Performance, Choreography, Production Crew, or Stage Management. Students participate in the creation of a public performance event, produced by the Dance Program. Students work with faculty, graduate and/or undergraduate students in rehearsal studios and/or theaters to create new dance works, or reconstruct works of historical and cultural significance.

Student learning goals: What will students know / understand / be able to do at the end of the course?

  • Recognize that dance performance is the result of a collaborative effort by many people, including choreographers, performers, designers, and production crew.
  • Develop fundamental skills in performance or production through practical experience.
  • Develop skills in working effectively and cooperatively as a member of a team through practical experience.
  • Develop skills to perform tasks efficiently, knowledgeably, and safely in order to ensure the technical success of productions.
  • Develop skills in effective leadership and/or communication through practical experience.

Course format: Practicum: Students participate in the preparation of dance works for public performance. Students work with faculty, graduate and/or undergraduate students in rehearsal studios and/or theaters to create new works, or reconstruct works of historical and cultural significance.  

Recommended preparation: All students: Willingness to learn and grow.

Performance: Performance opportunities are by audition. Audition dates and times are posted at the instructor's website and at the Dance Program studios in Meany Hall.

Choreography: Acceptance of work into Dance Majors Concert is by faculty adjudication and successful completion of a Dance Composition course series including Dance 166 and Dance 266 or 366 or equivalent experience.

Production Crew: No experience necessary; all necessary skills are learned "on the job."

Stage Management: Production Crew experience required; by special arrangement with instructor.

Class Assignments and Grading


Active participation is the essence of a public performance. Students are expected to attend and actively participate in all rehearsals, crew calls, and performances, as scheduled.

Performance: Participate in all studio and technical/dress rehearsals and performances as scheduled.

Choreography: Audition and cast performers. Develop movement ideas with performers through studio rehearsals. Collaborate with other choreographers to develop poster/postcard/program design, press release materials and advertising campaign, and coordinate opening night reception. Collaborate with composers, designers and production crew to develop visual and aural presentation through meetings, and studio, technical and dress rehearsals.

Production Crew: Assist with preparation of theater technical equipment, and/or operate lighting, sound, video or other production equipment, and/or assist with wardrobe maintenance and dressing of performers, and other duties as needed for all technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals and performances.

Stage Management: Supervise student Production Crew, and coordinate all technical production operations, including lighting, sound, scenic, properties, and costume changes, and other duties as assigned.

General Requirements:

Permission of Instructor: Peter Bracilano


Participation must be in a Dance Program production, including the Chamber Dance Company concerts, the Faculty Dance Concert, the MFA or 3D (Dancing in the Digital Domain) Concert, and/or the Dance Majors Concert.

Production Schedules for all Dance Program productions are posted on a bulletin board near 265 Meany Hall and at the Production Schedule page.

Students must complete the assignment as described to receive credit.  If you register for this course and do not complete the requirements by the end of the quarter in which you are registered, you will receive a grade of No Credit.

It is not necessary to register for credit in the same quarter that the production is scheduled.  Credit will be given for work completed in a prior quarter. 

Please contact me to request an add code.  Please include in the request how you plan to participate in what production.  See below for options for participation.

Participation may be completed in one of the following ways:



1. Performance: 1 credit per production.  Participation as a performer in a Dance Program production.

2. Choreography:  2 credits per production.  Participation as a choreographer in the Dance Majors Concert.


1. Production Crew: below are 2 ways to participate in Production Crew:


A. Show Crew: 1 credit per production.  Participation as stagehand, lighting operator, or sound operator for a Dance Program production including attendance and participation at all technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals, performances, and strike for one Dance Program production. 

B. Load-in / Strike Crew: 1 credit for 30 hours.  Completion of a minimum of 30 hours participating in load-in and/or strike calls of Dance Program productions.  You may need to participate in more than one production to complete this quantity of hours.  You will be expected to keep an accurate record of hours completed.  At the completion of each call, the Instructor or the Technical Director of the production must initial your time sheet.  At the completion of all 30 hours, the time sheet, indicating all hours worked, must be submitted to the instructor for credit to be given.

4. Stage Management: 2 credits per production.   Requires special arrangement with instructor; includes supervision of student Show Crew, and coordination of all technical production operations, including lighting, sound, scenic, properties, and costume changes, and other duties as assigned.  You must attend and actively participate in showings, studio rehearsals, all spacing rehearsals, technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals, performances, and strike for one Dance Program production. 

Meeting Times and Locations

For Performers:
as scheduled by Choreographer

For Production Crew or Stage Managers:
as scheduled by Technical Director

see Production Schedules Link (to the left)
for dates and times of Crew calls

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What about conflicts with classes?

We do release students from these calls when conflicts exist.

Scheduled class commitments should take precedence over technical rehearsal calls. We do not release students from dress rehearsals or performances because SHOW CREW job assignments, after training in the technical rehearsals, require continuity through the dress rehearsal and performance process.

All conflicts must be noted and approved by the instructor at the time you sign up for the crew assignment.

Question: What is the time commitment for this course?

Most Dance Program productions in the Studio Theatre average 36 hours for a Show Crew commitment. Participation on the SHOW CREW for Chamber Dance Company is closer to 40 hours.

The Chamber Dance Company concert commitment is longer because the load-in process is so short (compared to our Studio Theatre productions) that we feel that it is appropriate to require participation in the Sunday load-in within the context of this experience.

Question: Is there a specific number of hours I need to fulfill this credit?

There is not a specific minimum hour requirement for the Dance 270 production credit.

Like a performance credit, a production credit for participation on a SHOW CREW does not have a time based cut-off because participation in the process from technical rehearsals through the performances and the strike is the essence of the project. Show Crew are assigned specific tasks that must be completed at every performance, not just at however many performances occur before time runs out.

Question: Is this more time than other 1 credit courses?

We do work with a guideline that equates 1 credit to approximately 30 hours of work for the class.

A one credit class will theoretically consist of 3 hours of class + homework per week over a 10 week quarter, approximately 30 hour total. Because of scheduling we compress the workload of the 10 week quarter into the one to three week window that each production has in the theater. We do consciously try to limit a SHOW CREW commitment to approximately 30 hours, but do not release students until the end of the project.

Question: What about the 30 hour LOAD-IN CREW option?

A LOAD-IN CREW option that stipulates a 30 hour minimum exists on the Dance 270 webpage.

For our Studio Theatre productions we make this option (30 hours of LOAD-IN calls) available for those students who are unable to commit to the evening schedule of the Show Crew Calls. The nature of the work in the LOAD-IN calls is such that continuity is not as critical as with a SHOW CREW assignment, so we schedule students for these calls on an hourly basis rather than on a whole project basis. For our Studio Theatre productions we offer the 30 hours of LOAD-IN calls option for those students who are unable to commit to the evening schedule of the Show Crew Calls.

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