Using Your Personal Page on Plone

Using Your Personal Page on Plone

You need to login with the email that you use to access the network.
After you do that you should set up your preferences.
Your name, email address, location and short biography will be available to other staff after you enter them in the form and click save.
Login using your libraries2, hslib or uwb username/password.
(Tacoma users still need to use their libraries2 account 04-19-07)

Two concepts: Roles and States.

The ability to view/edit/create/delete objects (files, pages, folders, etc ...) in StaffWeb is determined by a combination of your user role and the state of the object.


You can be a local manager(can do anything), an owner(cannot assign roles beyond authenticated and owner),
a member(can create or modify his/her own documents), or a reviewer(can edit content but cannot create new content).


The state can be private(managers and owners can view), restricted (authenticated), or published. (World Viewable)

Tasks one might do in Plone

Add minutes to a committee file.
Maintain a manual.
Edit a document with a coworker.
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