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Hello and welcome! I am a current graduate student in the University of Washington Astronomy Department. My research interests include theoretical and computational astrophysics. Specifically, my research involves using cosmological simulations to study the formation and growth of galaxies and supermassive black holes. I am also a teaching assistant for basic undergraduate astronomy courses. Click the links on the right to learn more! Download my CV Here

Contact Information

University of Washington, Astronomy Department
Campus Box 351580 Seattle, WA

Office: Physics/Astronomy building rm. B317

Email: mjt29@astro.washington.edu

Recent Activity

Major updates to the website!

Paper submitted to MNRAS presenting results using Genetically Modified galaxies and my new model for SMBH physics. Read it here

Paper submitted to MNRAS presenting Romulus and our methodology. Read it here

I gave a talk about black hole mergers in Romulus at the UCSC Galaxies Workshop. Watch it here

Paper submitted to MNRAS on a new method for modeling the dynamics of Supermassive Black Holes in cosmological simulations. Read it here

I wrote a guest blog for Flim Crickets on the science of the movie Interstellar. Check it out here

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