Below is a tentative International Studies Program curriculum for the 2006-07 academic year. For more up-to-date course offering information, check the UW's On-line Time schedule. A list of all IS Program courses can be found in the online UW catalogue.

Autumn 2006



SIS/geog 123  Sparke             Intro to Globalization (may substitute for econ 201)

SIS 200           Kasaba             States & Capitalism

SIS 401           Ingebritsen        International Political Economy

SIS 498B         Chirot               Understanding Genocide

SIS 498           Young              Comparative Revolutions



SIS 325           Friedman          Immigration

SIS 332           Poznanski         Trade and Finance

SIS 335           Hickey             Developing World (w/geog 335)

SIS 362           Carr                 Law & Justice: Intro to Social Theory (w/lsj)

GEOG 371      Jarosz               World Hunger & Resource Development

SIS 421           Jones                International Security

SIS 425           Graham            International Law & Arms Control

SIS 426           Prakash            World Politics

SIS 470           Godoy              Human Rights in Latin America (w/lsj 410)

SIS 490           Barzilai             Comparative Law & Courts (w/lsj 367)



SIS 500           Chirot               Origins of the Global System

SIS 511           Kasaba              Methods in IS

SIS 590           Graham            International Law & Arms Control (w/SIS 425, lsj 490c)


Winter 2007



SIS 201           Migdal              The Making of the 21st Century

SIS 495A         Warren             Economic Development Policy for Washington State

SIS 495B         Ellison              Current Issues in U.S.-Russian Relations

SIS 495C         Hamilton           Lessons Learned from China’s Extraordinary Industrialization:
                                                New Wash. Consensus on Promoting Global Econ Development

SIS 495D         Robinson          Relief to Reconstructn: Interntl Policy after Kashmir quake

SIS 495E         Montgomery     Climate Change:  Realities, Issues, and U.S. Policy

SIS 495F         Soverel             US National Security Strategy – War on Terror

SIS 495G         Huber R           Congress and U.S. Foreign Policy

SIS 495H         Hellmann          US-Korea Relations at the Dawn of the Asian Century

SIS 498A         Poznanski         Readings: Family/Morality



SIS 345           Ramamurthy     Women and Economic Development (w/women 345)

SIS 433           Christie             Enviro Degradation in the Tropics (w/sma/enviro 433)

SIS 438           Friedman          Forced Migrations (TTh 1:30-3:20)

SIS 440           Young              History of Communism [not confirmed]

SIS 449           Sorensen          Social Change in East Asia (w/anth 449)

SIS 452           S Pekkanen      Law/Politics of International Trade

SIS 490b         Porter               Psychoanalysis & International Studies

SIS 490c          Barzilai             Law and Global Politics: Power and Human Rights

SIS 490i           Fuller/Leek       Weapons of Mass Destruction (w/SIS 590)



SIS 501           Migdal              Comparative International Studies

SIS 522           Friedman          Ethnicity and Nationalism (W 1:30-3:20)

SIS 527           Fuller/Leek       Weapons of Mass Destruction (w/SIS 427)

SIS 534           Anderson         International Affairs (w/pol s 534/pbaf 530)

SIS 552           Pekkanen S      Law and Politics of International Trade (w/SIS 452)

SIS 590a          Robinson          Sacrifice and the State

SIS 590c          Fuller/Leek       Weapons of Mass Destruction (w/SIS 490)


Spring 2007



SIS 201           Bachman          Intro to International Political Economy

SIS 202           Wellman           Cultural Interactions

SIS 498           Lang                 Civil Societies/Public Spheres in Globalizing World

SIS 498           Pianko              Readings in IS

SIS 498           Migdal              Readings in IS

SIS 498           Sorensen          Readings in IS



SIS 302           Warren             Intercultural Relations

SIS 330           Latsch              Political Economy of Development

SIS 345           Ramamurthy     Women and Economic Development (w/women 345)

SIS 406           Robinson          Political Islam

SIS 422           Burrowes         US in the International System

SIS 423           Johnson            Practicum in American Foreign Policy

SIS 446           Giebel              History and Memory (w/lsj)

SIS 456           TBA                 State-Society Relations in the 3rd World (w/pol s 450)

SIS 476           Poznanski         Comparative Political Economy

SIS 490           Dong                Colonial Tonics (w/hstas 490)

SIS 490           Barzilai             Multiculturalism, Justice & the Place of Law

SIS 490           Graham            Negotiation Simulation (w/SIS 590)



SIS 103           Christie             Society and Oceans (w/envir/sma 103)



SIS 502           Jones                Globalization/IR

SIS 512           Curran              IS Methods, part 2

SIS 553           S Pekkanen      Environment & Health in the WTO

SIS 575           Sparke             Advanced Geopolitics

SIS 590           Graham            Negotiation Simulation (w/SIS 490)