BIKES Montague Folding Bike + Bionx
Electric Folding Bikes
Bionx electric motor and battery
Electric Bikes | Folding Bicycles
IZIP Hybrid Electric Bicycles
eZee bike
Electric Bikes
Dahon MuP8 folding bike with BionX electric motor system
Dahon bikes
Dahon speed D7 + Bionx
How to fold a dahon bike
Loosen brakes on a Dahon
Channging rear whell on a Dahon
Video on how to remove/repair a flat tire
Bainbridge Island Cycle will install BIONX kit
Cascade bicycle club
Map a bike ride
Various bike routes
Bike maps + Bus
Good rainshield for bicycle helmets
YikeBikes: extremelly compact eBike
Battery heated vest for bikes: 9 oz. battery
Ultr-light 20" wheel bike ~ 21 lbs w/ fenders/pedals
Some "OK" at best electric bikes
Why eBikes have not caught on yet
More on how to helo eBikes
More on how to help tjhe spread of eBikes
An eBike with the motor in the crankset/chainwheel
Lots od good eBike information
An excellent mapping tool for Seattle bike rides
Seattle eBike with Montague BIONX
Lots of references to eBikes on Science Friday
How to set up a bicycle rally
A Seattle group that is promoting eBikes
Videos on how to repair bicycles
Mid-line drive ebikes with gearing
Lots of electric bikes
ECOBIKE ELEGSANCE: looks like a geared motor 350 watts
All about hub motors geared and others
Mid-drive electric bikes: much bwtetr than hub motors
A rather inexpensive eBike with a mid-drive system: looks really good
$580 kit for 350 watt eared motor + LiPO4 battery
Not as good as 350 watt mid-motor but the same design, at Amazon
350 watt geared hub motor mtn bike 50 lbs only $1100!
eBikes use less energy than human powered bikes
Torque of geared hub motors versus un-geared hub mtors ((33 vs 23
Main site of the above torque info plus some really impressive eBikes
400 watt geared hub motor kit for $1100
Journey 350 watt geared from Amazon: lloks good
Pi Cycle: 750 watt! front wheel drive: but weighs 65 lbs
Estimted cost per $10,000 miles of an eBike
Hilltopper very easy conversion (but only 250 watts)
BMC 400-700 watt front hub bike kit
Light weight Dahon BIONx folding 350 watt 42 lbs eBike ($2900)
PiCycle: 750 watt front hiub motor (less than 65 lbs?)
500 watt front hub motor kit for $219
Discription of different e-bike motors hub mid-drive
growing popularity of e-bikes
Forcasts for electric bicycles for next 10 years
Interesting electric quadricycle 195 lbs.
References to many many e-bikes
Powerful 48 v 1000 watt gearless hum motor for front or back with entire wheel $300
Lots of useful in formation on E-bikes
Velomobile: enclosed tadpole recumbent trike
Calculate speed vs watts for recumbent bikes
Stromer E-bike: 600 watss, 62 lbs
Ridekick: a 500 watt trailer to push a bike
A 500 watt folding e-bike 54 lbs. $1200 too good to be true?
Electic bike conversion for 500-800 watt conversions $329
BOXX: not really a bicycle but impresive range and hill climbing
480 wh LiFeO4 E-bike battery for $348 (Ping)
Beautiful clean design, if it only had a 350 watt motor (33 lbs)
Can E-bikes replace cars?
Copncept 3 wheel 500 watt enclosed "bike"
800 watt gearless brushless motor kit from Amazon
Stromer: 600 watts, a bit heavy at 62 lbs, not bad.
Phantom 500 watt at $1200 w/ LiFeO4 2000 cycle battery looks good.
Audi "superbike" 2.3 KW motor 530 wh battery 46 lbs
Endless Sphere which contains an E-bike discussion list
Velomobile: enclosed recumbent trike: 75 lbs.
Pedago "fat tire" 500 watt 480 wh bike
Gas and Electric: Understanding Hybrid Cars
ELF: a solor PV powered enclosed tricycle
2 kW (3Kw peak) lead-acid electric scooter from Amazon
Helium evolve lithium elecric scooter 1.5 HP $2900
The BOXX strange looking scooter for $4000, 35 MPH, 80 miles
3 kW elecric scooter from China, supposedly 85 mile range
Electric powered velomobile: 480 wH battery
Very High Power bike motors: 100-3000 watts
500w-1400w bike 38 lbs + 13 lbs battery 780 wH !
Scrooser: a 61 lb foot and seated scooter w/ a 1000 watt motor
1000 watt front gearless hub motor 26 inch wheel $340
49 lb. 500 watt mid drive 390 wh battery not bad
A Fat tire electric bike with 500 watt 4 KG motor
A two person velomobile that gets 33 miles/kWh

TRANSPORT* electraflyer
Coal-Power Can?t Stop Plug-In Hybrids From Beating Normal Cars :
General Motors EV1 - Wikipedia
eBox by AC Propulsion
NREL: Advanced Power Electronics
Electric bicycle DIY kits kit e-bik
Modec's Electric Powered Delivery Van
AAA and Carnegie Mellon University TrafficSTATS
0-60 mph in 1.5 Seconds on Bike Powered by A123 Batteries
ANB ZEV comments 4.pdf (application/pdf
Biontague - Bionx electric motor for bikes and the Montague
Green Vehicles
120mile Freeway-Ready, Electric ?Car? Only $19.995
Urban Transport Goes Green
Mitsubishi's i MiEV Electric Car:
Think Global Gets Investment from GE, Launches TH!NK City,
AutoSpeed - Assessing the Alternatives
Think Unveils The Electric, Solar-Powered, We-Want-One, Ox
GM ev1_eva.pdf
Drymer V0.5: Advanced Recumbent Three-wheeler With Electric
Electrobike's Pi -
Mitsubishi Keeps Testing, Improving i MiEV Electric Ca
Aptera Electric Typ-1 e - Video Test Drive -
Did You Drive Less Than 200 Miles
Electric cars could act as batteries for the energy grid
PG&E's Battery Power Plans Could Jump Start Electric Car Market
Peak Oil: the electric car imperative
MkII Cyclone
Chevy Volt Concept Site ? Report About A123
Using Solar Roofs To Power Hybrids
EV WORLD EV WORLD: THE FUTURE IN MOTION - Business - Lithium surge lacks staying power
Electric Motor-Scooters and Motorcycles
Electric Motosport
- Home of the Zebra Battery
Bionx electric motor and battery electric bike
Main Page - SeattleEVA
Modec Introduces Electric Light Commercial Van
Smart ForTwo electric drive
Sodium Iron chloride battery and others
Electric vehicle discussion list
Battery comparison
Aptera dicussion list
Range extender trailers
Zebra battery reference
Energy graphs for tesla motors
Zebra powered electric bus
350 genset trailer for an EV
Number of cars per capita
Miles driven per year in Germany
Lithium reserves for LiIon batteries versus Zebra
Blending differnet batteries in a car.
More on the Zebra battery
Still more on the Zebra battery
Still more on the Zebra battery
Detroit Electric car
Performance electric scooter
Lithium mining problems for EV's
Efficiency: well-to-tank including electric
15% Fuel-to wheel efficiency auto.
Another 3-wheel high perormance EV
Chart of engine/drivetrain efficiency
Whole article on automobile efficiency
FireFly Foam lead acid (120V pack would be $4,200)
Miles driven per household
Average USA MPG in 2008 19.8
Inflatable electric car
Compute HP based on weight and speed
Also Compute HP based on weight and speed
Lithium monng and Boliva
Sea water Lithium is not that expensive.
Calculating aerodynamic drag based on Cd and Area
Per cent of people who drive 100 miles/day
best way to compute HP versus speed
Drag area and CD of autos
Future cost reductions and capabilities of LiON batteries
Yuneec electric aircraft
Redox flow batteries for cars
Vehicle to grid main page
More on V2G tech.
More on V2G legislation
Up to $4000/yr value for V2G
Excellent PDF of EV efficiency
Large 30x15 meter solar powered boat
The tango commuter car
A 56 KG genset range extender for EVs
50 Miles EV only at 45 MPH for plug-in Prius
A true jetpack!! by Martin aircraft
NASA Puffin personal electric aircraft
How EVs could transform the economy
Lightweight vehicle structures: 35% lighter
Lots of infor on household transportation costs
Tesla's chart of KWH/MPH and KW
Seattle Electric vehicle infrastructure
Round rhe world EV, with good info on maintenance costs of EVs
Air conditioning can reduce EV range by 40%
Graph of MPG versus weight of a car
Average cost of a new car: $28,400
Effects of heat/air condtioning, etc on Nissan Leaf (up to 35%)
List of electric aircraft
Electric car batteries: small environmental impact
LiON batteries are not harmful on the environment
Honda 1600 watt generator: 20-25 MPG
Good specs and info on Jeff Finn's Voltrunner
How to compute torque for an electric vehicle
Electric motor wieght and torque
The weight of diffferent automobile engines
Real world Leaf test: 116 miles range
Argonne analysis of emissions for ICE, BEV, Hybrids
Effect on the grid of Chevy Volt like PHEV
200+ mile range 7 passengers, $38,000 van ZEBRA battery !
Well-to-wheel efficincy of various fuels/and EVs
A range of very lightweight EVs (e.g. Edison w/ electric motor) etc.
Wikispeed: modular car can swap gas and electric motors; 104 MPG
Possible new b attery design with slurry components and high density
A really compact lightweight rotary generator for a range extender
Median distancwe traveled for commuting purposes
Most efficient samll electric car: T27 Gordon Murray
Tiny 2-person segway-like micro car from GM
Calculate CO2 emissions based on zip code
Compare cost of ownership of cars, including BEV
Little zenn car music
Plug-in Prius informaton and availability
Detailed analysis of trailer range extender for EVs
Drag coefficient and frontal area for many cars
Electric version of Edidison2: 10.8 miles/KWH, 4 passengers 1140 lbs
Miles driven per day and (80% less than 50) and other EV stats (
Perfected (?) zinc-are recharable battery for EVs $160/kwh
Toshiba's SCiB battery: 100 wh/kg but wonderful charateristics
Miles per day and trips/day by car
Cost per mile of gas car
Overall energy efficiency of BEV coal nat gas, etc
Ultra-micro car the "Peel"
Nissan Leaf evaluation
More Leaf Evaluation
More Leaf Evalu
Yest more Leaf evaluation
Better calculator for Cd, Area, weight, speed, etc. for EVs
Great visuals on how far we drive
Possible high energy density flow battery from Scandia
Jeff Finn's car, but also detailed perf of his solar PV
Possible molecular heat pump to help EVs
Realyy detailed specs on the Leaf energy calc
Clean car calculator: true cost of ownership over time
Sim-Drive Sim-Wil: in-wheel motors 218 miles, prod in 2014?
Predicts large drop in cost of Lithoium batteries
QBEAK Danish electric car range 180 miles
Another calculator for aero and rolling resistance for gas cars
Via motors: true series hybrid for trucks and vans
Near future of electric cars
Excellent article on hte very low lifetime costs of EVs vs gas cars
Solar powered helium aircraft: 35-50 mph
Solar PV plus electric car is the most efficient option
EV Charging stations in washington
Debunking the myth that EVs are not clean
Sierra club evaluation of elecgtric cars
$40,000 electric airplane kit with Yunnec motor
German one person electric airplane: 100 mph, 250 miles range
Great article on recycling cars and batteries
New design for a gas engine range extender with easy backups
Interesting lithium sulfur battery advancement
Effects of temperature on EV and gas cars: 29% reduction for EV
DIcussion of battery types and capabilities
Impact of coal on EV pollution: must get rid of coal
BMW I3 plus solar PV
EPRI full study shows electyric vehicles cleaner in nearly all conditions
Good report on future of electric car and oil prices
List of electric cars by range

ENERGY* CO2 for coal, Oil, Gas
PV Watt Solar Energy Calculator PVWatts Nanosolar - About Us
Flywheels and Energy Storage
Humanity gobbles a quarter of nature's resources
Exfoliation produces lighter, cheaper solar cells
Shoreline Solar Project
Estimated Gasoline Price Breakdown
Kimball Wind Project Facts
CIA - The World Factbook -- United States
First Solar, Inc. - Next Generation Thin Film Solar Modules
Technology Review: Thin Film's Time in the Sun
The Vanadium Advantage: Flow Batteries
Total primary energy supply
Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth:
Solar Decathlon Home Videos | Green Building Blocks
Catching The Wind In A Bottle
Technology Review: Storing Solar Power Efficiently
Solar Thermal Designated User Facilities
Soliant Energy, Inc.
America's Transportation Energy Use
Electric cars have their flaws:
solar technology that works at night
Cheap Hydrogen
Automatic Standby Generators Home Page
Ahead for Heating Oil Users:
Whale-Inspired Windmills
Petroleum Industry Profile
More-Powerful Solar Cells
Denmark signs up for wind powered electric car
Energy Efficiency Multiple Choice
to Feature Atrium Of Wind Turbines
Focusing on Solar's Cost
College of the Environment
- EV Research Papers
man who farms with the sea
Clean-Energy Trends 2008
When Will Grid Parity Come?
How our economy is killing the Earth
Solar taxi w/ Zebra batteries
Simple, low wind spped Vertical wind turbine
Zebra battery referrence
Vortex hydro energy
Household energy consumption
Household energy consumption
World energy consumption per capita
Much cheaper LED lights
Solar energy calculator per state
Solyndra, cylindercal thin-film solar panels
Breakdown of USA homer energy costs 2007
Another breakdown of home energy use
World Facts, including energy
Small Jellyfish wind turbine
Stirling 800W home generator
New solar power plants
Energy harvesting Knee brace
Many energy and tech developments
American Scientist (1-month old) magazine
Per cent reductin in solar energy over its lifetime
Home energy costs of $2350 average USA
PV cost $1 watt by 2012, same as coal
Actual output at sunnyvale 6.1 KW- 8696 KWH
Electric rates by USA state
Stirling generator for small temp differences
PV costs by 2012
Floating wind turbines
Coal Energy Fact Sheet
Geothermal energy Fact Sheet
Global Oil Fact Sheet
US Transportation Fact Sheet
U.S. Electricity fact Sheet
Wind Energy Fact Sheet
(Biased) energy density of various things
Discussion of Photovoltaics PV
Solar energy more efficient thatn biofuels
Solar energy battery storage
Solar powered roadways
More on solar roadways
GE Net zero energy house
Mnay different grenn tech ideas
DOW PV panels are ordinary roof shingles
Honeywell Wind Turbine for low wind homes
Liquid battery for grid storage
Solar title flexible PV panels
Beyond Oil presentations
Wind speed classifications
Energy consumption in refining oil
More on energy requirements for oil refining
Link to Excel which shows ave household electric costs
Average 2009 household heating costs
Ice core CO2 over 800,000 years
The USA version of the European passive house
A good PV calculator for PV costs in regions
Household water use/year: 16000+ gallons
More Home energy use
Net-zero energy house from GE
More net-zero energy homes
Projected costs for solar in 2012
Very good stuff on greenhouse< gases, emissions, energy use/a>
World Oil consumption, production, exports over time
The magine Solar Today !!!
Oil use by sector in the USA: 2/3 transport
Highly technical view of batteries
Integrating wind energy into the grid
Software to model solar PV costs and efficiency
Stable power from connected wind farms along East Coast
Giant 32 MWH Sodium SULFUR battery for a town
Compehensive analysis of renewable energy
Floating 2.3 MW 181 ton wind turbine
Total world energy consumption (16 terawatts)
Floting wind turbines: 450 tons/MW?
Looks like 2.2 Terawatts for whole world
Stationary concentrating PV for home use
More infor on weight of wind turbines
A net-zero energy house (1150 sq
11% of home energy due to elecronics in 2007
Combinng large battereies with wind
Moreno house with solar panels for Mill creek area
Modular nuclear power
Sailing ships to generate H2 using wind to move thru water
Geen magazine: green living informatino
Coal power big loser in energy mix
Off grid solar $6/watt
More on Vanadium redox and other batteries as of March 2010
Personal cooler fan (up to 27 degress cooler (evaporative)
Energy consumption of household/car devices
Claims PV is cost effective now in many places
Water heating about 18% of total electric bill
$5/peak watt installed now in Arizona
Totally meat-free diet may not be energy and ervionment friendly
Renewable energy in Europe 100 GW now, halfway to 20 %
Resources on off-grid living
Sterling engines and burning biomass, wood chips, etc
Excellent home energy PV etc. local info
Very good analysis of renewable energy
Sunfish solar power: plug n' play fr $3-$4/watt: nog installaftion cost/a>
Really good informaton on local Seattle solar energy
Really cheap ($300/KWH) zinc bromide flow batteries
BTU calculator for climate and room size
A tech magazine devoted to renewable energy
Average wind speed for cities in the U.S.
Total solar radiation/m2 for places in the U.S.
BTU's to burn wood, paper, etc (3412 BTU = 1 KWH)
Residential biomass energy= .33 quad btu's
Summer winter variation PV in UK > 5
Sun hours per day for many cities in U.S.
Low of 1.9 to a high of 10.2 sunshine hours/day in Seattle
8 hour power backup with SmartBox storage
Know energy reserves and usage of energy by types (oil, gas, nuclear, etc)
Living buildings: net zero enerby, water, and food houses
Method of computing the cost of a solar + battery house
Distribution of electrical energy loads per household/a>
SunRun provides PV w/ no upfront costs or maintenance
Energy payback of solar PV: 35/3.8 or more
The stability of wind and solar for germany + spain
George Mobus dire predictions of our energy future
Distribution of home electricity usage 2009
Consumption of materials in U.S. (click on Waster displosal link)
Sustainable Northeast Seattle Website
Moving Planet Seattle website
Free PDF from National academy of sciences
Solar PV soon cheaper than gas, nuiclear, coal
Utility exec sees PV cheaper than grid in 3-5 years
Drastic reductions in the price of solar PV
Perfected (?) zinc-air rechargeable battery: $160/kwh
Godd reference and QnA on energy issues and percnet usage
Wind energy (and a link to solar too)
World's remaining supply of valuable elements in years
Ocena temperature reveals huge increase in global warming
A wealth of energy graphs of all types
Wind turbine weights for 3 MW: 335 tons steel, 1200 tons concrete
400 Terawatts surface windturbines and 1800 TW of high altitude turbines
Excellent study of costs of wind turbines, on and off shore
Cut the cost of solar in half (Forbes)
Abundance of oil greatly overstated and will cause great harm
Predictions for 2013 on oil, gas supplies and energy
EROI energy return on energy invested for solar and wind
Interactive map of global warming
LED light bulbs now entering mass market with low energy and big features
Shows cost of solar PV in Europe already below grid costs
Video on the dire reduction in energy and resources of the planet
A comprehensive look at energy and EroEi
Energy options: storage, PV, wind, etc.
Cost of energy types: wind, solar, coal, gas, etc.
Wind power report Dept of Energy
TerraJoule: low Tek meas to store solar power with piston steam engies
Total tons of materials, steel, copper, etc in 3 MW wind turbine
Information on energy, emissions, and greenhouse gases
An earthship energy efficient home, partly buried
Simple cheap solar cells called perovskites
Leaked U.N. report on how seriois global warming is
Is solar growth sustainable
Many nations approaching or equalling grid parity
Warnings on tipping point with global warming
report gives very high EROI for nuclear
But Thorium also has major problems